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ARURS promotes officiating within the British Army through education, training, development, and advancement of players, coaches, referees, and those who support and promote the game.

We are committed to developing the game of Rugby Football Union at all levels by embracing the core values of our sport; Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline and Sportsmanship.

Point of Contact to ARURS for all matters

Maj Roy Serevena
SO2 Plans
170 (Infrastructure Support) Engineer Group
Chetwynd Barracks

Tel Mil: 94451 2643
Tel Civ: 0115 957 2643

ARURS Executive Committee

Updated: 03 Sep 15

Role Contact
CHAIRMAN Col Dave Wakefield OBE
Hon Secretary Roy Serevena
VICE CHAIR Maj Gen (Retd) R Porter MBE
Maj (Retd) D Chapman MBE
Maj (Retd) S Goodall
Lt Col (Retd) R Cannons
Mr TA Merone
Hon Treasuer Claire McCarron
Resources Dai Williams
Training and Development John Voss
Senior Appointer Martin Bentley
Membership and Game Management System Ian Peers
Army Area Appointer – North Chris Green
Army Area Appointer – South Nick Jonesn
Army Area Appointer – Europe Tyke Stevenson
Army Area Appointer – Rest of World Max Marsden
Discipline Officer Tyke Stevenson

ARURS Annual Awards

Referee of Year

Season / Year Winner
2000/01 WO2 Tommy Wright RLC
2001/02 Maj Sid Goodall RAMC
2002/03 WO2 (AQMS) John Voss REME
2003/04 Lt Col Iain Clyde REME
2004/05 Maj Rob Lane RSigs
2005/06 WO2 (AQMS) Christopher Fishwick REME
2006/07 Capt Stephen Penfold REME
2007/08 SSgt Shaun Curry R Sigs
2008/09 WO2 Dai Williams R Welsh
2009/10 Maj Justin Sampson REME
2010/11 Capt Simon Walker 1 RRF
2011/12 Capt Max Marsden RAMC
2012/13 WO2 (AQMS) Martin Bentley REME
2013/14 WO2 (AQMS) Colin Moore REME
2014/15 WO2 Ian Bibey Royal Welsh

ARURS Awards for Commitment to Rugby Refereeing

Season / Year Winner
2004/05 Lt Col (Retd) Robin Miller
2005/06 Maj (Retd) Des Chapman MBE
2006/07 WO1 (ASM) John Voss REME
2007/08 Capt Mark Neighbour R Sigs
2008/09 Sgt Trevor Cutler REME
2009/10 WO2 (AQMS) Christopher Fishwick REME
2010/11 Maj Michael Bland RLC
2011/12 Maj Michael Stevenson RE
2012/13 Bdr Steve Davies RA
2013/14 Maj Scot Rankin R Irish
2014/15 Lt Col (Retd) Richard Shore RAOC

Golden Whistle – for outstanding service and loyalty to the society

Season / Year Winner
2014 Maj Gen Roddy Porter Late RRW
2014 Lt Col Dave Edmondson REME

Further details, including nomination forms can be obtained from the Hon. Secretary.

RFU Value the Volunteer Awards

Maj Gen Roddy Porter Late RRW
Lt Col Dave Edmondson REME
SSgt Colin Moore REME
Maj (Retd) Sid Goodall RAMC
Col Dave Wakefield OBE ALS
Maj (Retd) Des Chapman RAOC
WO2 (AQMS) Martin Bentley REME

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