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Community Cup

Cup and Shield Competition

The Community Cup and Shield Competition is run under the auspices of the Community Rugby Committee (Competitions sub-Committee) of the ARU.

The competition is limited to teams representing units of the Regular Army. Participation in the Community Cup and Shield shall be open to all Regular Army units who meet this criteria. Separate competitions are held in Northern Ireland and British Army (Germany), and the Cup incorporates winning teams from Northern Ireland (at Quarter Final stage) and British Army (Germany) (at Semi Final stage)


Community Cup Contact list 2012 – 13 (Excel 53kb)

Community Cup Finals:

(Winning Team is shown in bold)

Quarter Final:

Last updated: 21 March 2013

Match Home Team Away Team
QF 1 SDG 5 Scots
QF 2 14 Sig Regt 2 Mercian
QF 3 11 Sig Regt 39 Regt RA
QF 4 33 Eng Regt 28 Eng Regt

Semi Final:

Match Home Team Away Team
SF 1 SDG 14 Sig Regt
SF 2 11 Sig Regt 28 Engr Regt


Home Team Away Team
SDG (10) 28 Eng Reg (3)

Winner of the Army Rugby Union Community Cup Competition 2013 is SDG

Community Cup & Shield Match Dates

Last updated: 14 Nov 12

Date Activity Report
16 Jan 13 Quarter Finals
13 Feb 13 Semi-Finals
20 Mar 13 Final

The Rules of the Competition, published annually, are binding on all participants; they may be amended from time to time by the Community Rugby Committee. Current rules and regulations can be found on the Community Cup & Shield Competition Rules page. (or you can download a copy of the rules below)
Community Cup Competition rules 2012-13 (Doc 279kb)




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