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Corps Championship

Corps Championship 2014/15


Army Rugby Union Inter-Corps Rugby Union Championship

Inter-Corps Championship Information


The Corps Championship is open to teams from the Corps and Infantry representative sides of the Regular Army. A separate Women’s Championship is also competed for. Its objective is to provide a platform for talented players to play above regimental level and for those players deemed capable – as a stepping-stone towards representing the Army at the Senior Level. You will see that for this season we have made some changes to the Web Page. A link to a separate page on the left will take you to the fixture results and league placings for each League, as well as any match reports for that League.

2013/14 Corps Championship Results:

Championship Winners
League 1 Champions The Royal Engineers: RE 28 – REME 10
League 2 Champions Adjutant Generals Corps: AGC 35 – Int Corps 31
Corps Womens Champions Royal Artillery: RA (W) 29 – AGC (W) 7

Season 14/15 Dates:

Last updated:23 Jan 2015
ARU Corps Fixture List 2014/15

Date Corps L1 Corps L2 Corps Womens
Tue 16 Sep 14 Womens Coaching Concentration – Aldershot
Wed 17 Sep 14 Corps One Day Festival – Aldershot
Wed 08 Oct 14 RE 24 REME 26 RAC 7 AAC 17 REME 45 RSIGS 5
RLC 21 INF 26 AGC 32 RAPTC 5 RLC 5 AGC 22
RA 30 RSIGS 9 AMS 21 INT 20 AMS 5 RA 27
Tue 28 Oct 14 Womens Coaching Concentration – Aldershot
Wed 29 Oct 14         RA 25 REME 10
        AGC R RSIGS R
        AMS R RLC R
Wed 05 Nov 14 RSIGS 24 REME 17 RAC 12 AMS 53    
RE 41 RLC 0 RAPTC 28 AAC 41    
RA 29 INF 16 INT 29 AGC 9    
Wed 19 Nov 14         RSIGS R AMS R
        AGC W* REME W
Wed 03 Dec 14 REME 17 RA 27 INT F* RAC F    
RLC 24 RSIGS 26 AMS 53 RAPTC 12    
RE 22 INF 15 AAC 21 AGC 25    
Wed 21 Jan 15 RLC 20 RA 25 AGC 36 RAC 13 RLC 20 RA 0
INF 24 REME 26 RAPTC 53 INT 12    
RSIGS 7 RE 46 AAC 5 AMS 30    
Tue 27 Jan 15 Womens Coaching Concentration – Aldershot
Wed 28 Jan 15         RSIGS RLC
        REME AMS
        RA AGC
Wed 11 Feb 15         REME RLC
        RSIGS RA
        AGC AMS
Wed 04 Mar 15 REME RLC RAC RAPTC    
Wed 08 Apr 15 Finals Day – Aldershot


R = Rescheduled
W* = Walk Over (Winning Team)
W = Walk Over (Losing Team)
F = Forfeiting Team
F* = Win by Forfeit

Corps League 1 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Corps League 2 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Womens’ Corps League – League Table, Fixtures and Results


Championship Regulations
Mens Corps Rules 14 / 15
Women’s Corps Rules 14 / 15

Corps Championship
Finance Instruction (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
SOR Template (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
ToR – Chairman of Corps Commitee
Link to Officials Appointments can be found here

Corps Committee Meetings:

Last Minutes 12 Jun 2013

Past Corps Championship Results:


Sappers Dig Deep

Darrell Ball draws the flak

Royal Engineers 28pts REME 10 THE Sappers deservedly regained the Inter Corps Trophy at Aldershot on 26 March with a sterling performance against an REME side that tackled ferociously and was always in touch until the last quarter. It was an exciting final with many sub-plots: the front row, the back row, half back and centre. It ended with the ... Read More »

Sappers Win Jones Drake Canonball


SAPPERS WIN JONES DRAKE CANONBALL Royal Artillery 15 pts—Royal Engineers 21 So close–the Sappers were always points ahead in this scorching encounter but the Gunners were never more than a converted try in arrears. Had they kicked their points and retained discipline under the posts, they would have won. Throughout an entertaining match the Royal Artillery ‘dug deep’ and, particularly ... Read More »

REME Rugby Tour to Texas


EXERCISE STEER SPANNER 24 MAY – 05 JUN 2012 REME RUGBY TOUR TO TEXAS 2012 OIC and Organiser; Maj Cam Cameron REME Rugby have enjoyed some superb touring opportunities over the last few years but this year’s location was decided on by the mix of advice from other Corps teams and the search for something different.  To achieve the right ... Read More »

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