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Corps Championship

Corps Championship 2016 / 17


Army Rugby Union Inter-Corps Rugby Union Championship

Inter-Corps Championship Information


The Corps Championship is open to teams from the Corps and Infantry representative sides of the Regular Army. A separate Women’s Championship is also competed for. Its objective is to provide a platform for talented players to play above regimental level and for those players deemed capable – as a stepping-stone towards representing the Army at the Senior Level. You will see that for this season we have made some changes to the Web Page. A link to a separate page on the left will take you to the fixture results and league placings for each League, as well as any match reports for that League.

Corps Championship Results 2016 / 17:

Championship Winners
League 1 Champions Royal Artillery: RA 20 – 17 REME
League 2 Champions Army Air Corps: AAC 29 – 27 RAC
Corps Womens Champions To be played 29th March

Fixtures and League Tables

Corps League 1 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Corps League 2 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Womens’ Corps League – League Table, Fixtures and Results

Season 16 / 17 Dates:

Last updated: 7 March 2017
ARU Corps Fixture List 2016/17

Date Corps L1 Corps L2 Corps Womens
Wed 14 Sep 16 Corps One Day Festival – Aldershot
Wed 28 Sep 16 REME 10 RE 3 RAC 24 AAC 25 REME/RE 20 RSIGS/RA 24
RA 36 RSIGS 17 AMS 29 INT 24 AMS RAF Dev
Wed 12 Oct 16 RSIGS 10 REME 39 RAC 20* AMS 0 RAF Dev 10 REME/RE 10
RE 40 RLC 15 RAPTC 25 AAC 20 AGC 10 RSIGS/RA 10
RA 20* INF 0 INT 20 AGC 15 AMS RLC
Wed 09 Nov 16 REME 11 RA 8 INT 36 RAC 22 RSIGS AMS
RE 34 INF 10 AAC 40 AGC 21 RLC 50 RAF Dev 7
Wed 07 Dec 16 RLC 19 RA 50 AGC 18 RAC 48 RSIGS/RA RLC
RSIGS 8 RE 22 AAC 20* AMS 0 RAF Dev 12 AGC 25
Wed 25 Jan 17 REME 10 RLC 36 RAC 15 RAPTC 10 REMEMRE 7 RLC 27
RA 28 RE 26 AGC 13 AMS 18 RSIGS/RA 36 RAF Dev 15
INF 47 RSIGS 10 INT 13 AAC 53 AGC 55 AMS 7
                RLC 10 AGC 27
Wed 22 Feb 17 Finals Day – Aldershot


R = Rescheduled
W* = Walk Over (Winning Team)
W = Walk Over (Losing Team)
F = Forfeiting Team
F* = Win by Forfeit

Points of Contact


Position Name Email Tel
Chairman Lt Col Nick Andrew
01985 222922
Secretary Men Capt Richie Crane 01285 868203
Secretary Women WO1 Julie Simpson 01252 348068

Corps League 1

Team Name Email Tel
Royal Artillery Tim Nelson 01980 845343
Royal Engineers Taff Smith 01252 863536
REME Andy Franklin 07766 406852
Infantry John McCallum 07850 327171
Royal Signals Matt Wray 01225 814099
AGC Rob Futter 03067 981189

Corps League 2

Team Name Email Tel
RAPTC Martin Brightey 01980 650725
AAC Alan Adamson 02894 4557196
Int corps Mark Booth 07854 318467
AMS Hywel James 07875 752827
AGC Jame O’Mara 02392 274656
RAC Lee Cummings 01929 403332


Corps Aide Memoire 16 / 17
Corps Aide Memoire 16 / 17 (Added: 26 Aug 16)

Championship Regulations
Men’s Corps Rules 16 / 17
Women’s Corps Rules 14 / 15

Corps Championship
Finance Instruction (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
SOR Template (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
ToR – Chairman of Corps Commitee
Link to Officials Appointments can be found here

Corps Committee Meetings:

Last Minutes 12 Jun 2013

Past Corps Championship Results:


Army Women’s Development V’s Surrey Women


Following on from an impressive 16-12 win against Hampshire in January, the development team assembled knowing the forthcoming fixture against Surrey, the current county champions, who would be a different prospect. With two good day’s preparation under their belts, including sessions training with the senior team, the side took to the field under lights in Aldershot. Surrey, who were using ... Read More »


Army Rugby - Women v Nomads

The Army Women welcomed a very strong England Nomads Team to Aldershot for their final preparation match before the Inter Services Competition. The Nomads is an invitational side selected from players who have played International Rugby. On this occasion they were particularly experienced, boasting a total of 336 caps. Coached by the ex-England International centre, Giselle Mather, they came to ... Read More »

2017 ARU Adult Coaching Course Dates


2017 Adult Coaching Course Dates at Army Stadium, Aldershot Garrison. Mon 22 May – World Rugby; Rugby Ready and RFU Scrum Factory (Prerequisite courses) Tue 23 May – Day One Wed 24 May – Day Two Thu 25– Tue 30 May (Days off for reflection / Homework / Day job) Wed 31 May – Day Three (Assessment Day) For all ... Read More »

Army tackle the Swans by the Sea

ARU Media-11948

Head Coach Captain Andy Sanger is not adverse to ‘testing’ his teams resolve; the last time he took them to Wales the REDs were categorically ‘beaten up’ by a fast and physical Bedwas side that had the Army XV wondering where the next assault was coming from; a trip to Swansea that is steeped in Welsh rugby folk law was ... Read More »

Army Corps Finals serve up two cracking games.

Royal Artillery v REME - Army Rugby Union Corps Championship

The annual men’s Corps Finals were held in Aldershot on Wednesday 22 Feb 17. This year’s Merit Two final had previous finalists the Army Air Corps take on the Royal Armoured Corps, who hadn’t been finalists for several years. The Armoured Corps started very well; some strong forwards providing quick ball for their speedy backs and at half time they ... Read More »

Army Women push all the way against England U20

ARU Media-74289

The Army Women once again welcomed the England U20s to Aldershot in what is now an annual ‘highlight of the season’ fixture and the full house at Aldershot witnessed great attacking flair and some massive ‘hits’ from both sides. Army Women’s Head Coach Captain Glyn Barraclough was able to pick his strongest XV including Welsh International Captain Gemma Rowland (Royal ... Read More »

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