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Corps Championship

Corps Championship 2015 / 16


Army Rugby Union Inter-Corps Rugby Union Championship

Inter-Corps Championship Information


The Corps Championship is open to teams from the Corps and Infantry representative sides of the Regular Army. A separate Women’s Championship is also competed for. Its objective is to provide a platform for talented players to play above regimental level and for those players deemed capable – as a stepping-stone towards representing the Army at the Senior Level. You will see that for this season we have made some changes to the Web Page. A link to a separate page on the left will take you to the fixture results and league placings for each League, as well as any match reports for that League.

Corps Championship Results 2015 / 16:

Championship Winners
League 1 Champions Royal Artillery: RA 30 – 9 RE
League 2 Champions Royal Logistic Corps: RLC 53 – 10 Int Corps
Corps Womens Champions RE/REME: RE/REME 15 – 10 AGC

Fixtures and League Tables

Corps League 1 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Corps League 2 – League Table, Fixtures and Results
Womens’ Corps League – League Table, Fixtures and Results

Season 15 / 16 Dates:

Last updated: 8 Mar 2016
ARU Corps Fixture List 2015/16

Date Corps L1 Corps L2 Corps Womens
Tue 15 Sep 15 Womens Coaching Concentration – Aldershot
Wed 16 Sep 15 Corps One Day Festival – Aldershot
Wed 30 Sep 15 RE 28 REME 14 AAC 24 RAC 25 RSIGS/RA 0 REME/RE 56
INF 66 AGC 12 RAPTC 5 RLC 69 AGC 39 RLC 5
RSIGS 20 RA 29 INT 0 AMS 0        
Wed 04 Nov 15 RSIGS 14 REME 17 AMS 29 RAC 5        
AGC 3 RE 29 AAC 48 RAPTC 3        
INF 0 RA 46 RLC 43 INT 3        
Wed 18 Nov 15                        
Wed 02 Dec 15 RA 39 REME 27 RAC 26 INT 31        
RSIGS 67 AGC 14 RAPTC 5 AMS 48        
INF 5 RE 43 RLC 49 AAC 0        
Wed 20 Jan 16 RA 52 AGC 0 RAC 26 RLC 31    
REME 10 INF 10 INT 22 RAPTC 45    
RE 18 RSIGS 7 AMS 17 ACC 19    
Wed 27 Jan 16                        
Wed 02 Mar 16 AGC 26 REME 34 RAPTC 0 RAC 65        
RE 10 RA 10 AMS 5 RLC 31        
RSIGS 53 INF 10 AAC 24 INT 25        
Wed 20 Apr 16 Finals Day – Aldershot


R = Rescheduled
W* = Walk Over (Winning Team)
W = Walk Over (Losing Team)
F = Forfeiting Team
F* = Win by Forfeit

Points of Contact


Position Name Email Tel
Chairman Lt Col Nick Andrew
01985 222922
Secretary Men Capt Richie Crane 01285 868203
Secretary Women Maj Charlie Maxwell 01252 347813
Assistant Secretary Women WO1 Julie Simpson 01252 348068

Corps League 1

Team Name Email Tel
Royal Artillery Maj Andy Taylor 01980 345319
Royal Engineers Capt Mike Thomas MBE  
REME Capt Neil Allcock 01980 618162
Infantry Maj Darren Pridmore 01483 995558
Royal Signals Capt Toby Rowe 01258 482916
AGC Maj Jaimie O’Mara 02392 702065

Corps League 2

Team Name Email Tel
RAPTC Capt Dave Boocock 01252 787141
AAC Capt Al Adamson 028944 55300
Int corps SSgt Mark Booth 01462 752419
AMS Capt Craig Dawson 01772 260544
RLC Maj Rob Futter 03067 981189
RAC WO2 Lee Cummings  


Championship Regulations
Men’s Corps Rules 15 / 16
Women’s Corps Rules 14 / 15

Corps Championship
Finance Instruction (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
SOR Template (Updated: 29 Sept 14)
ToR – Chairman of Corps Commitee
Link to Officials Appointments can be found here

Corps Committee Meetings:

Last Minutes 12 Jun 2013

Past Corps Championship Results:


ARU Handbook 2012/2013


Please use the interactive section below to read the handbook: Open publication – Free publishing – More aru Or you can download it here. Read More »

ARU (W) – Letters from America – Day 12, 13, 14 & 15


Letter from America – Tuesday 7th June 2016 Tuesday saw the team settle further into their ‘R&R’ time at Pinehaven camping resort. With a contingent taking some time out for a day and a night away in Atlantic City, the camp was a little quieter with a very relaxed vibe. The sun was shining early doors and after a 48 ... Read More »

ARU (W) – Letters from America – Day 9, 10, 11 & 12


Letters From America – Friday 3rd June 2016 So today is the second most important day of the week – the day before game day! After our usual morning routine of breakfast, physio and the Batley weather report, we made our way to the training pitch for our Captain’s run. As predicted by the weather report, it was a damp ... Read More »

ARU(W) v All American Collegiate All Stars (USA Eagles U23s)

Sgt Rae Metters

On Saturday 4th June, the Army Women’s team took to the field at Scarlet Knights Sports Field, New Jersey; the home of Rutgers University Rugby. This was set to be the toughest game of the USA tour so far; as they took on the All American Collegiate All Stars, which is effectively the USA Eagles U23s. The first 10 minutes ... Read More »

ARU(W) Letters from America – Day 5, 6, 7 and 8


Day 5 – Monday 30 May 2016. It was tough to get out of bed this morning, with most people being weary and aching from yesterday’s game or was it just from the after match social. As with every day so far on this tour, we were keen to make the most of the time we have over here in ... Read More »



The fixture against New York City RFC Women, the 3 times All American Champions, was played in South West Manhattan, a stone’s throw from Ground Zero with the most amazing backdrop of the Manhattan skyline. With a 20:45 kick off time, the ARU(W) Squad had been able to relax during the day and were in high spirits going into the ... Read More »


A solid Platform

The opening game of the ARU(W) USA Tour took place at Severna Park, Annapolis on Sunday 29 May. The opposition is a side made up of players selected from all the East Coast USA Clubs and so was definitely going to be a challenging game. Weather conditions were very good, if not also very hot. It was a great day ... Read More »

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