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Premiership Cup


The Premiership Cup (formerly the Army Cup) is only open to units affiliated to the ARU. Competitor teams are organised into three/four leagues. Current rules and regulations can be found on the Premiership Cup Rules page.

17 P&M Badge
The current cup holders are 17 Port and Maritime Regiment Royal Logistic Corps who beat 1 Battalion the Royal Welsh 15-12.

Chairman of the ARU Premiership Competition

Lt Col James Cook – APC
Mobile: 07949 574135
Civilian e-mail:
Military e-mail:

See the Premiership Cup History and Statistics page.

Premiership Points of Contact

League Secretary Email Civilian Email Military
Community Chairman Lt Col James Cook
Prem 1 Capt Charlie Bentley
Prem 2 N & S Capt Jase Lowe

Premiership League Teams

Last updated: 2 July 15

Premiership 1
1 Royal Welsh
12 Regt RA
1 Welsh Guards
1 Scots Guard
39 Engr Regt
17 P&M Regt RLC
32 Engr Regt
Prem 2 – North Prem 2 – South
ITC C (H) 8 Trg Bn REME
4 Regt RA 7 Para RHA
1 SCOTS 1 Rifles
3 SCOTS Arty Cen
14 Sigs RMAS
2 Rifles Hindoostan XV

Please use the links in the sidebar or below to view the league tables and fixtures list:
League 1
League 2 – North
League 2 – South


Crackerjack Premiership Final Ahead


The Royal welsh 12 pts—12 Regt (AD) 10 Mud Glorious Mud. The Army Premiership Semi Finals were fought out on 17 Feb 16 in pretty dire conditions at Sandhurst and Andover. At the Royal Military Acadenmy the Royal Welsh and current champions 12 Regiment [AD]RA were nip and tuck throughout the eighty minutes. Both teams, with a fair sprinkling of ... Read More »

Gunners Dominate the 2015 Premiership Finals

Kenny Clatters

Whilst the Hadron Collider in Switzerland is attempting to disprove the BIG BANG theory the Royal Regiment of Artillery ensured it would never go quietly. Indeed, winning both the Premiership Cup and Shield finals in the warmth of the Aldershot sun the Gunners were able to claim yet another sort of hi-water mark to add to their fine record over ... Read More »

CUP 14 – Premier Gunners Bang on Target


12 Regiment Royal Artillery 13pts Royal Welsh 10 The ‘Queens of the Battlefield’ are the 2014 Kings of Army rugby. In a hotly contested Army Premiership Final the Gunners from 12 Regiment came from behind to claim the Silver Trophy presented by the RFU to the Army Rugby Union in 1921. Victory was a fitting reward from the ‘team from ... Read More »

‘Guns face the Welsh’ in Army final


Army Premiership Final 214 will be between 12 Regt RA and 2 Bn Royal Welsh On a mild and mainly dry afternoon in Warminster the two semi-finals of this historic Army Rugby Union Cup competition were played out. Game one had the hosts 1 Bn The Yorkshire Regt play 12 Regt RA and over at the Land Warfare Centre two ... Read More »

Army Rugby Premiership ‘Big Guns’ start to flex their muscles . . .


On a day when the last three Army Rugby Union Cup winners were all in action, it’s becoming clear the ‘big guns’ are starting to stretch their muscles. As we get to the business end of the league season, the Royal Welsh, 17 Port & Maritime Regt and the Welsh Guards all won away to ensure the leagues statisticians will ... Read More »

Royal Welsh fire a warning in the Premiership

Jones on the charge

An hour before kick off Tidworth experienced it’s own mini tornado, large hail bombarded the pitch and the chance of any spectators watching this match appeared to be zero…….., however as the referee blew his whistle to start this Premiership match the sun was out and the Royal Welsh were here to show that the lessons from their game one ... Read More »

Army Premiership in full swing


As the Autumn leaves fall from the trees onto the rugby pitches on Queens Avenue, the Army Rugby Union Premiership competition is now in full swing. The Top Twelve rugby union teams in the Army are battling it out in two leagues of six and the top four from each league will go through to the knockout stages in the ... Read More »


Tyres never tire

GOOD WEEK FOR WALES Welsh Guards 11 pts 39 Engineer Regiment 3 Yes, in fact and excellent week for the Welsh. England obliterated in Cardiff and the Welsh Guards winning the Army Premiership Cup 11pts—3. It might not have been that way. 39 Engineer Regiment had ample opportunity to grab the high ground in a low scoring match but the ... Read More »

Where Eagles Dare


Having carried out a unit move from Cambridge to Kinloss in Scotland, 39 Engr Regt were presented with the opportunity to step into a void created when RAF Kinloss Rugby Club ceased to exist. For over 70 years, RAF Kinloss had been active in the Scottish Rugby Union (SRU) leagues in the North of Scotland and taking up this mantle ... Read More »

Army Rugby Union Semi Finals

12 Regt RA break out

The Army Rugby Union Clubs competitions are heading to a crashing finale: the Premiership and Championship semi finalists headed to Newbury RFC to play their semi finals while the Community semi finalists went firm at Aldershot to see who had the bragging rights to claim a spot in the three finals. In the Community semis at Aldershot last years winners ... Read More »

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