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Coaching Courses – Dates and Info
Army Coaching – Mission


A new article has been released by the International Rugby Board regarding the approach and stance on concussions, you can read the whole article here A proactive stance on concussion –


The Army Rugby Union (ARU) is committed to improving the standard of rugby at all levels of the game, from grass roots Community Rugby to the Representative teams. Key to this is the development of skills and tactics through effective, imaginative and demanding training. Qualified coaches are vital to the future of Army Rugby. No matter what your level of playing or coaching experience, there is something for you on a coaching course run by the ARU. More information can be found on Continuous Personal Development for Rugby Coaches page of the RFU website.

Coaching Notices and Articles

The ARU Coaching Seven’s Continual Professional Development event this year is to be delivered by the RFU and held at the Rugby Stadium on Queens Avenue, Aldershot, Thursday 7 March 2013.

For the itinerary please click here.

Scrum Engagement – Players, Coaches and Referee Update August 2013
Scrum Engagement – Players, Coaches and Referee Update August 2013 (download in PDF).
RFU restructuring
New requests through the Area Training Officers (ATO).
Click here for contact information (download in PDF).
IRB New Laws Trial information
Documentation of the new IRB Laws that will be on trial this season
Click here for more information (download in PDF format 385kb).
UKCC Coaching Structure 2012
The Tri-Nation Coaching structure for Rugby Union has undergone a review process and this short letter is to inform you of the relevant changes.
Download more information in a Word DOC.
Posted: 2nd March 2011
Coach Development Programmes. Click here for more information.
Information on Coach Licensing scheme. Click here for more details.
Coaching & Player Development news. Download more information in a PDF.
Posted: 04 April 11
RFU Award Course Descriptor
The RFU’s Coach Development Courses are continually reviewed to ensure they reflect best practice and the needs of the players and their coaches.
Read more about the changes in 2012 here . . .
Posted: 17 May 12

Calling notice for all rugby coaches

All qualified ARU Coaches should be logged onto the RFU rugby database ‘Rugby First’:
If it’s your first, log in to Rugby First contact the Rugby First helpdesk with your RFU ID number to receive your Log in details.

Contact details

Chairman of Army Coaching

Captain Richard Garrett

Rugby Development Officer

Mr MJ Bamsey (Michael)

Corps Coaching Co-Ordinators (CCC)

RA – Tim Nelson
RE – Andrew Gill
REME – Burnie Burnard
RLC – Dean Hammett
R Sigs – Symon Hopkins
Inf – Darren Pridmore
AGC – Andy Jackson
AMS – Steve Whelan
AAC – Al Adamson
RAC – Mick Lillie
RAPTC – Gareth Slade-Jones
Int Corps – Mike Connaughton

Coaching resources on the web

Resource downloads

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