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Job: Army Rugby Union Rugby Development Officer


Army Rugby Union Rugby Development Officer

Job Information
  • Applications are invited for the post of Army Rugby Union Rugby Development Officer this post becomes vacant from Mon 19 Mar 18.
  • The successful applicant will be expected to start on 7 May 18. It is desirable that the successful applicant completes at least 2 seasons, to include the overseas tour planned for 2020.
  • Applicants should e-mail their rugby CV to the Army Rugby Union (ARU) Chief Operations Officer, Chris Fowke .
  • The closing date for applications is 1200hrs Fri 23 Mar 18. A sift and filter will occur on Mon 26 Mar and successful applications will be called for interview in early April.

Salary: £29,500 p/a

Location: Aldershot / Field Based Army being UK wide

Hours of work: The standard hours will be (38) per week; however; the nature of the role may on occasions require working in excess of these hours to ensure core RDO objectives are achieved. This will include evening and weekend work.

Responsible to: Chairman ARU Chair of Coaching, Chairman of ARU Referee Society and coordinated through COO ARU

Contract type: This is a full time contract with the Army Rugby Union

Role Summary:
The role holder will lead on the execution of the ARU plan relating to the education and development programme to recruit, train, develop and retain players, officials and coaches within the ARU. They will assist with the construction and implementation of that plan to deliver a high quality workforce of rugby educators, who will be able to facilitate community and representative rugby throughout the Army. They will ensure all Army coaches have no barriers to their progression other than their own ability and personal drive.

Key Relationships:

  • Army Rugby Union Management Board Committee.
  • Chairman ARU Coaching Committee.
  • ARU Referee Society.
  • Army, Corps & Unit team representatives.
  • National RFU Area delivery teams.
  • RNRU & RAFRU Rugby development teams.
  • Other National and Regional bodies.
  • External Agencies such as professional academies.
  • Garrison Commanders/ rugby POC as part of the Community Engagement piece. (Local Schools et al)

Responsibilities, Tasks and Activities:

  • Present an annual education programme of RFU, courses for approval to ARU Coaching Committee (such as ERCA, ERRA, CMOD, CPD and advanced CPD).
  • Work in conjunction with Chairman ARU Coaching, and Chairman ARU Refereeing to develop strategy for strengthening the game across the Army.
  • Organise facilities, equipment and personnel to deliver and facilitate courses effectively.
  • Maintain a robust database of all Army coaching staff information, complementing the RFU’s GMS requirements.
  • Build, maintain and manage the ARU presence on GMS Competition management system.
  • Assist in the recruitment and develop a workforce of serving RFU Trainers, Educators and Developers to assist with the delivery of courses.
  • Ensure player, official and coach development programmes meet the needs of the ARU community at all levels.
  • Establish an effective communication strategy to inform and update coaches and match officials across the ARU.
  • Manage the coach training and development budget.
  • Support the identification and CPD requirements of Army representative coaches and match officials.
  • Actively collaborate with other committees in order to contribute to the development and delivery of ARU strategic, business and operational plans.
  • Actively keep up to date with changes within the RFU structure and of Rugby Union, also develop subject matter knowledge through participation in relevant networks and forums.
  • Maintain high professional standards and ensure these are promoted in the ARU community.
  • Produce succinct, relevant & agreed reports on progress against all key objectives in the job holder’s area of responsibility.
  • Act as an ambassador for, and promote the best interests of the ARU at all times, including the promotion of both the Army’s and the RFU’s Core Values.
  • Undertake such other duties as maybe required from time to time as are consistent with the responsibilities of the post and the needs of the ARU.

Continued Professional Development:
The ARU are committed to providing CPD for the successful candidate. He or she will be expected to undertake available training courses and research to enhance personal knowledge, skills and experience.

Personal Specification


  • Rugby Union Educator (Essential).
  • Rugby Union Trainer (Desirable).
  • Valid UK driving license (Essential).


  • Practical understanding of the Army rugby organisation and structure, (desirable but not essential), and strong experience of leading sport development and solution management.
  • Strong experience of working with national and regional agencies in Rugby Union.
  • Extensive practical experience of the development and operational workings of the sport and of club rugby.
  • Recent and relevant experience as a rugby lead coach.
  • Recent and relevant experience as a qualified Trainer / Educator in Coach Development and / or Match Official Development.
  • Minimum 24 months working within the rugby development environment.
  • Ability to demonstrate a high level of knowledge and competence within the coaching environment and / or Match Official development.
  • Experience of being in a leadership role with an ability to articulate an overall function strategy to others and translate into working practices.
  • Experience of directing and supporting teams to ensure solutions are consistent and integrated.

Skills & Attributes:

  • Strong organisational skills with an ability to effectively manage a specific area of responsibility (e.g. budgets, training, operations, processes, projects)
  • Identifies, develops and maintains relationships and partnerships internally and externally with the ability to influence upwards and with peers.
  • Strong oral and written communication skills including report writing and delivering effective presentations
  • Highly self-motivated, self starter in order to achieve stated objectives within required time scales.
  • Able to work in a team environment.
  • Proactive, flexible and adaptable to change.
  • An effective team member with sufficient flexibility and willingness to take on roles outside his/her normal functional responsibility when required.
  • IT literate and competent in the use of Microsoft Office Applications.
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