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Job: Director of Senior Rugby


Director of Senior Rugby

Job Information


  • 1. Applications are invited for the post of Director of Senior Rugby for the Army Rugby Union.
  • 2. The successful applicant will be expected to start on 1 Jun 18 following endorsement by the ARU Management Board. It is desirable that the successful applicant completes at least 3 seasons.
  • 3. Applicants should send their rugby CV by e-mail to Mr Chris Fowke ARU the Chief Operations Officer and Secretary at
  • 4. The closing date for applications is 1200 hrs Fri 9 Feb 18. Applicants that do not pass the CV sift will be contacted by Wed 16 Feb 18. Applicants that pass the CV sift will be contacted in person by Maj Gen W Bramble CBE, Chairman of the ARU and interviews will be arranged as relevant.
  • 5. Following interview the successful candidate will be notified once the ARU Chairman has made contact with all those that were unsuccessful.


  • There are no particular qualifications, rank or experience required for this post. However the successful applicant is able to comfortably operate with sponsors and senior officers; has knowledge and enthusiasm for the game at the top end of Army Rugby Union and a passion for the development of the game in the ARU at the strategic level. In addition, the individual must be serving in the British Army with at least 3.5 years service remaining from 1 May 18.


  • This is a prestigious high profile voluntary post working with a very enthusiastic and dedicated Management Team. The time commitment for this post can also be demanding for both work and personal time throughout the entire year.


  • The Director of Senior Rugby (DoSR) will have responsibility for management and direction of the Army Rugby Union’s (ARU’s) Senior, A and 7s team. The DoSR will report directly into the ARU Chairman and Management Board to whom he or she will be required to provide regular updates on the activities of the relevant representative teams.
  • The DoSR will be required to act in accordance with the direction given by the Management Board and as detailed in the ARU Management Plan and Vision.
  • The DoSR will have delegated financial authority from the Management Board and will ensure that the allocated budget is being managed correctly by the budget manager (normally Team Manager).
  • The DoSR is a member of the Management Board.


  • To act as a focal point for all management and administrative issues pertaining to the ARU representative men’s teams.
  • To provide support to the men’s management and coaching staff when needed or requested.
  • To be responsible for scrutinising the relevant men’s teams annual budget submissions and to ensure that the submissions are in support of the aims and objectives of the ARU.
  • To present the annual budget submission to the Management Board in accordance with ARU policy detailed by the Director of Finance.
  • To liaise with the Chair of Community Rugby, Head Coaches and Senior XV manager to produce the ARU Structured Season (SS) and ensure that all fixtures are included on the SS and the proposed fixtures forwarded to the Chief Operations Officer by early June annually.
  • To manage succession planning and in conjunction with the management staff appoint staffing positions within the department. The DoSR will present names for appointment to the Management Board for endorsement.
  • To consult with and take advice from the Army Head Coach over the requirement for succession planning in the senior section.
  • To assist in the formulation of policy in conjunction with other Management Board members.
  • To assist in the promotion of the ARU to the rugby community and the wider chain of command and to be a representative of the ARU at matches, events and meetings when required and available.
  • To assist with UKAF policy, selection, administration and budgeting.
  • To be a Director of the Army Rugby Union Trust, undertaking trustee training as soon as possible after appointment.
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