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Army Rugby Union continual professional development (CPD) day Wed 27th May 2015

The ARU welcomed England Women’s World Cup winning coach Graham Smith to the Army rugby stadium to deliver a CPD event dealing with body shape, management in contact and lineout defence.

The Army Rugby Union (ARU) was formed in 1906 and has continued for over a hundred years to provide an infrastructure for the playing of rugby union within the British Army.


Its stated aim is to promote and foster the game of Rugby Union within the Army and its local communities in accordance with the Laws of the Game promulgated by the Rugby Football Union.

By continuing to attract outside expertise of this calibre the ARU is committed to its aim of enhancing the playing experience of its players, coaches and officials alike.


The Day started off with an insight into elite women’s coaching and the player profiling which underpins a successful team such as the England Women’s XV.

Individual player development was next and the 28 assembled students were shown a variety of exercises and drills to target individual weaknesses in players and make them stronger during the ‘off season’.

After lunch lineout defence tested the fitter of the students and Graham shared his philosophy on how lineout defence can be used as an attacking weapon.


Back indoors we analysed the England forwards in attack and how they can be used to create mismatches in the midfield. Thus giving the backline every opportunity to cross the gain line and potentially score.

We were also shown some video clips of individual return to play training/ rehabilitation and the hard work international athletes go through to get back on the park after injury.

All in all another successful ARU CPD event which helps to enthuse our coaches and officials for the season ahead; ensuring that our players get the best playing environment possible whilst continuing to serve.

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