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Army Rugby Union Membership Scheme

The Army Rugby Union Membership Scheme (ARUMS) is an annual membership by subscription (£25.00) scheme that provides Army personnel who have, and continue to, promote the game across the Army community the opportunity for preferential access to England international tickets.


  1. Membership Conditions

    –Eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:


a) Serving member of the Army, including Regular, Army Reserve and Full Time Reserve Service (FTRS) personnel. Retired officers or soldiers may apply if they have made a significant contribution to the Army rugby community during their service;


b) There will be a maximum capacity of 300 members of ARUMS; once this ceiling is reached applicants will be consigned to a waiting list until a vacancy arises;


c) Membership will be for a maximum period of 3 years. Members can re-apply at the end of their membership period however may have to join the waiting list if there are no vacancies at the time of re-application;


d) Successful applicants must pay by Bankers’ Automated Clearing System (BACS) payment subscription to the scheme annually on 1st September. Failure to pay the annual subscription by the 10th September will automatically render your membership invalidated and a new ARUMS application will have to be submitted accordingly;


e) The ARU Director of Finance reserves the right to decline membership to personnel who they deem are ineligible for membership, or indeed rescind membership at any time should members no longer meet the conditions of the scheme or breach the terms and conditions of ticket application and purchase; and


f) The cost of subscription will be set by the ARU Management Board and may increase if necessary to cover the costs of administering the scheme. Members will be informed of any increase by the 1st August annually.


  1. Membership Benefits

    – Membership to ARUMS results in the entitlement to the following benefits:


a) The right to attend the ARU AGM as a non-voting member;


b) The right to bid for RFU England international match tickets.


  1. International Match TICKETS

    – The following terms and conditions apply to the eligibility for purchase of RFU England international tickets through the ARUMS:

a) Please read these Terms carefully. By purchasing, holding and/or using or attempting to use a Ticket you:

  • certify that you have read, understood and accepted these Terms and Conditions;
  • agree to be bound by and to comply with these Terms and Conditions Rules; and
  • agree to bring these Terms and the Condition Rules to the attention of others as required.


b) Members may only apply for RFU England international match tickets through the ARU by using the designated proforma which will be emailed to members prior to matches;


c) Membership does not automatically give members the right to RFU England international match tickets;


d) Tickets will be allocated to ARUMS members by the ARU ticket manager, who reserves the right to allocate tickets in a fair and equitable manner;


e) Members must pay by BACS payment within 10 days of receipt of ticket allocation confirmation, failure to do so will render the application invalid and will result in the ticket allocation being withdrawn;


f) Applications must be received with the ARU office by the date stated on the application proforma, applications received post this date will not be considered and ultimately rejected;


g) The ARU send all tickets by registered mail; once the ticket has left the ARU office the ARU accepts no responsibility for the delivery thereafter. The ARU does not accept any responsibility for tickets that have been lost or stolen and no refund will be offered or made. The RFU/ARU reserves the right not to replace lost or stolen tickets. A request for duplicate tickets must be made to the ARU office no later than 48 hours before the date of the match in order for this to be requested through the RFU ticket office. A request notified later than 48 hours will incur a £25 administration fee payable to the ARU. The RFU ticket may charges for duplicate tickets to be printed, payable on collection of your tickets at Twickenham Stadium. Tickets will only be reproduced by the RFU once; a duplicate ticket overrides the original ticket which will no longer be able to grant access to the stadium grounds. Away host unions do not offer a duplicate ticket service.  Twickenham Stadium are currently in the process of becoming a digitalised venue and it is anticipated that tickets for the 2022 6 Nations and onwards will be in a digital format;


h) Ticket allocations and sale are subject to the terms and conditions of the RFU. This prevents any re-sale to unauthorised agents (such as ticket touts, unauthorised hospitality companies or ticket re-sale companies e.g. Stub-hub) or to other third parties above the face value that is stated on the ticket. Members are not to auction or re-sell tickets on internet web-sites e.g. eBay, each ticket has a unique serial number and can be traced by both the RFU and the ARU. Formal action will be taken against any member found contravening these terms and conditions;


i) The ARU will not allocate tickets based solely on the fact that members have booked flights and/or accommodation to venues where matches are to be played;


j) The ARU makes every effort to allocate tickets next to each other, however due to the tickets allocated by the RFU/Away Host Unions this is sometimes not always possible. The ARU will always endeavour to allocate tickets as close to each other as plausible;


k) Members may not dispose of tickets to other parties if they are not required by for a member’s personal use. They should be returned to the ARU no later than three weeks before the date of the match in order to be re-allocated. If the ARU is unable to re-allocate returned tickets no refund shall be issued;


l) There has been an increase in members bidding for tickets, being successfully allocated tickets, to then request to cancel and receive a refund. This causes an additional workload with no guarantee of the ARU being able to reallocate any returned tickets. By having completed and signed a returned ticket application members are agreeing to the above stated terms and conditions and have entered into a binding contract to abide by these conditions and fully commit to purchase any tickets allocated to them and attend the match. ARUMS members do not have a right to cancel their purchase and claim a refund under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013.; and


m) The ARU reserve the right to withdraw ticket allocations as they see fit.


  1. Further Information

    – The following additional information should be noted:


a) The ARU Management Board reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without the consent of ARUMS members;


b) An application form to apply for membership can be found at the bottom of this page. The scheme administrator, Kimberley Fowke, can be contactable on the following details: Tel: 01252 787082 Mil: 94222 7802 email:;


c) Subscriptions are non-refundable and will be paid into the ARUMS account held at Holts RBS, sort code 16-19-26, account number 11248586. Payment will be collected by standing order or direct debit. Members are responsible for setting up the correct mandate with their own banks;


d) There is no right to appeal should membership applications be rejected or membership terminated as a consequence of breaching the T&C’s of the ARUMS detailed above; and


e) The ARU are committed to protecting the data of its members and are compliant with the regulations detailed within the Data Protection Act 2018.



ARUMS Application Form Download

The ARU Membership Scheme is currently closed to new applications due to a review by the ARU Governance Committee.