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Premiership Cup (formerly the Army Cup) History


On 21 January 1907, the English Rugby Union (RFU) donated a handsome cup to the Army for an inter-unit competition. Twelve teams responded to the call for entries to the first competition. The final took place on 6 April 1907 at Aldershot between the 2nd Bn West Riding Regiment DWR and the Training Battalion, Royal Engineers; the Yorkshire men won 5-0 points. General Sir John French, General Officer Commanding Aldershot presented the trophy. Since that day, with the exception of the durations of the First and Second World Wars, the cup has been competed for annually.

In the Centenary Season (2006-07) the inter-unit competitions were re-structured and the Army Cup competition became the Premiership League Cup Competition. The 2nd Bn The Royal Welsh Regiment became the first winners of the newly structured competition on 15 March 2007 by beating 23 Pioneer Regiment RLC 22-12 points.

Premiership Cup Statistics Table


19072nd Bn West Riding Regt (DWR)5Training Bn Royal Engineers0
19081st Bn Leicestershire Regt51st Bn Welch Regt4
19091st Bn Welch Regt62nd Bn South Wales Borderers0
19102nd Bn Gloucester Regt31st Bn Leicester Regt0
19111st Bn Leicestershire Regt142nd Life Guards0
19121st Bn Leicestershire Regt62nd Bn Welch Regt3
19132nd Bn Welch Regt91st Bn Gloucestershire Regt3
19142nd Bn West Riding Regt (DWR)61st Bn Gloucestershire Regt3
1915-1919 No games played due to First World War
19202nd Bn Welch Regt92nd Life Guards0
19212nd Bn Welch Regt31Training Bn Royal Engineers3
19222nd Bn Welch Regt271st Bn Gloucestershire Regt8
19231st Bn Welsh Guards62nd Bn Welch Regt0
19242nd Bn Welch Regt71st Bn Welsh Guards3
19251st Bn South Wales Borderers16Royal Horse Guards3
19261st Bn South Wales Borderers101st Bn Welsh Guards3
19271st Bn South Wales Borderers9Royal Engineers (Aldershot)8
19281st Bn South Wales Borderers151st Bn King's Own Royal Regt14
19291st Bn King's Own Royal Regt211st Bn Welsh Guards9
19301st Bn King's Own Royal Regt3Training Bn Royal Engineers0
19311st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt21Training Bn Royal Engineers0
19321st Bn Welsh Guards112nd Bn Leicestershire Regt3
19331st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt192nd Bn Leicestershire Regt8
19341st Bn Welsh Guards45th Bn Royal Tank Corps0
19351st Bn Welch Regt112nd Bn South Wales Borderers0
19365th Bn Royal Tank Corps112nd Bn King's Own Royal Regt0
19371st Bn Welch Regt131st Bn Prince of Wales Volunteers7
19382nd Bn Gloucestershire Regt31st Bn Welsh Guards0
19391st Bn Welch Regt62nd Bn Gloucestershire Regt3
1940-1946 No games played due to Second World War
1947RAMC Depot & Trg Est102nd Bn Welsh Guards3
1948Royal Signals (Catterick)6Royal Engineers (Hameln)0
19491st Trg Regt Royal Signals319th Indep Airborne Sqn RE3
19501st Trg Regt Royal Signals36RAMC Depot & Trg Est0
19511st Trg Regt Royal Signals91st Guards Indep Para Coy (Parachute Regt)6
19521st Bn Welsh Guards14RAMC Depot & Trg Est0
19531st Trg Regt Royal Signals351st Bn Welsh Guards0
19541st Trg Regt Royal Signals111st Bn South Wales Borderers6
1955RAMC Depot & Trg Est161st Bn South Wales Borderers0
19561st Bn Welch Regt91st Bn Royal Welch Fusiliers8
19571st Trg Regt Royal Signals151st Bn Welch Regt3
19581st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt231st (BR) Corps Troops Col RASC5
19591st Trg Regt Royal Signals121st Bn The Royal Scots9
19601st Bn King's Own Scottish Borders91st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt0
19611st Bn King's Own Scottish Borders61st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt3
19621st Bn Welsh Guards91st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt6
19631st Bn Welsh Guards928th Coy RAOC6
19641st Bn Welsh Guards251st Bn Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry3
19651st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt111st Bn Welsh Guards6
19661st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt963rd Para Squadron RCT3
19671st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt147th Regt Royal Horse Artillery3
19681st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt201st Bn Welsh Guards3
19691st Bn South Wales Borderers117 Signal Regt Royal Signals3
19701st Bn Welsh Guards181st Bn Royal Regt Wales6
19711st Bn Welsh Guards61st Bn Royal Regt Wales3
19721st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt151st Bn Royal Regt Wales8
19731st Bn Welsh Guards227 Signal Regt Royal Signals9
19741st Bn Royal Regt Wales157 Signal Regt Royal Signals12
19751st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt123rd BAPD RAOC6
19761st Bn Royal Regt Wales101st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt4
19771st Bn Royal Regt Wales221st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt9
19781st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt138Signal Regt Royal Signals12
19791st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt121st Bn Royal Regt Wales7
19803rd BAPD RAOC101st Bn Royal Regt Wales9
19811st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt207th Regt Royal Horse Artillery0
19821st Bn Welsh Guards1221 Engineer Regt RE6
198321 Engineer Regt RE81st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt4
19847 Signal Regt Royal Signals91st Bn Welsh Guards3
19857th Regt Royal Horse Artillery71st Bn Royal Regt Wales6
19861st Bn Royal Regiment of Wales77th Regt Royal Horse Artillery6
19877th Regt Royal Horse Artillery251st Bn Welsh Guards16
19887th Regt Royal Horse Artillery921 Engineer Regiment3
19897 Signal Regt Royal Signals201st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt7
19907th Regt Royal Horse Artillery61 Royal Welch Fusiliers0
19917th Regt Royal Horse Artillery91 Royal Welch Fusiliers3
19927th Regt Royal Horse Artillery201 Royal Welch Fusiliers6
19937th Regt Royal Horse Artillery207 Signal Regt Royal Signals11
19947 Signal Regt Royal Signals207th Regt Royal Horse Artillery14
19957th Regt Royal Horse Artillery152 Signal Regt Royal Signals9
19967th Regt Royal Horse Artillery274 GS Regiment RLC11
19972 Signal Regt Royal Signals311 Royal Welch Fusiliers11
19987th Regt Royal Horse Artillery312 Signal Regt Royal Signals21
19997th Regt Royal Horse Artillery201st Bn Duke of Wellington's Regt15
20001 Royal Welch Fusiliers114 GS Regiment RLC6
20017th Regt Royal Horse Artillery181 Royal Regiment of Wales12
20027th Regt Royal Horse Artillery4222 AD Regiment RA8
20031 Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment (RGBW)22Royal Welsh Fusiliers20
20047th Regt Royal Horse Artillery361 Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment7
20051 Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment311st Battalion the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)24
20061st Battalion the Royal Scots (The Royal Regiment)171 Royal Welsh (Royal Welch Fusiliers)15
20072nd Bn Royal Welsh Regt2223 Pioneer Regt RLC12
20082nd Bn Royal Welsh Regt1723 Pioneer Regt RLC10
20091 SCOTS - The Royal Scots Borderers291st Bn Welsh Guards20
20102nd Bn Royal Welsh Regt311st Bn Welsh Guards26
20111st Bn Welsh Guards282nd Battalion Royal Welsh9
201217 Port & Maritime Regt RLC172nd Battalion Royal Welsh12
20131 Welsh Guards1139 Engr Reg3
201412 Regt RA13The Royal Welsh10
201512 Regt RA271 Royal Welsh17
201617 P&M151 Royal Welsh12
201712 Regt RA221 YORKS14
20181 YORKS1712 Regt RA8
20199 Regt RLC161 Royal Welsh15

Premiership Shield Statistics

20157 (Para) RHA32RMAS17
20167 (Para) RHA38ITC Catterick9
20171 Rifles318 Trg Bn REME10
2018RMASWinners8 Trg Bn REME
201912 Regt RA3617 P&M Regt RLC10

Championship Cup Statistics

2013School of Electonic22ITC Catterick0
2013Aeronautical Engineering
20142 SCOTS321 Rifles7
201532 Engr Regt20Defence Academy5
2016ATC (P)27Pilgrim RFC5
201814 Regt RAWinners9 Regt RLC
20198 Bn REME4329 Regt RLC10

Championship Plate Statistics

20141 SCOTS3026 Regiment Royal Artillery28
20151 YORKS Hindoostan4314 Sig Regt13
20162 YORKS2942 Engr Regt8
20173 RSME-Defence Academy-
2018ATR Pirbright198 Trg Bn REME (2nds)10

Championship Bowl Statistics

201414 Signal Regiment2424 Army Training Centre (Pirbright)20
201521 Engr Regt203 Sig Regt3
201611 Sig Regt59Abbey Wood15
201629 Regt RLC4121 Engr Regt10
201947 Regt RA26Pilgrims7

Championship Vase Statistics

20154 SCOTS291 RHA12
20168 Trg Bn REME6629 Regt RLC12
20175 RIFLES321 RHA27
2018RTR3829 Regt RLC22
2019RW Dragons17ITC Catterick14

Championship Tankard Statistics

20154 SCOTS291 RHA12
20168 Trg Bn REME6629 Regt RLC12
20175 RIFLES321 RHA27
2019Griffins131 RHA5

Championship Quaich Statistics

20198 Trg Bn REME 2nds4411 Sigs14