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Veterans Rugby History

Army Master XV’s Rugby History


The Army began to field a representative Veterans team in the 1990’s, under the title of Army Veterans. The teams consisted of those players who were aged 35 and over, many of whom had represented the Army in their former playing days.

In 1996 a Veteran’s Inter-Service Competition was introduced to run alongside the Senior XV competition that had been in existence since 1920.

The Army Veterans were silver medallists in the 2005 World Masters held in Edmonton, Canada; undefeated at the 2004 European Veterans Championship and finalists at the 2003 Dubai International Veterans 10’s Tournament.

The Army Veterans were renamed the Army Masters XV in November 2009 after they had won the 2009 World Masters in Sydney, Australia.

Veteran’s Inter-Services Tournament Champions


Year Champions Army v RN Army v RAF RN v RAF
1999 Army Army Army
2000 Royal Air Force Royal Air Force Royal Air Force
2001 Army Army Army
2002 Army Army Army
2003 Army Army Army
2004 Army Army Army
2005 Army Army Army
2006 Triple-Tie Royal Navy 17-16 Army 21-5 Royal Air Force  24-23
2007 Army Army 53-0 Army 30-10 Royal Air Force
2008 Royal Air Force Army 18-11 Royal Air Force 18-17 Royal Air Force  25-22
2009 Army Army 36-16 Army 38-3 Royal Navy 41-13
2010 Royal Air Force Army 28-19 Royal Air Force 10-6 Royal Air Force  16-19

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