The Army Rugby Union (ARU) has to comply with the regulations pertaining to Civilian Sports Sponsorship within the military context. The ARU have delegated authority from the Army Sport Control Board (ASCB) to make their own choice on which sponsorship route (using the ASCB Central Fund’s (CF) model or direct sponsorship) suits their requirements and then put in place the appropriate arrangements. All contracts and agreements are to be registered with and copied to the HQ ASCB for endorsement before signature and committal. Any areas of concern should be referred to the ARU Marketing Director Brigadier Paddy Allison in the first instance.

Become an ARU Sponsor

The Army Rugby Union feels that it has an excellent brand name. We are lucky enough to attract generous sponsors interested in supporting us and are able to offer company exposure to large audiences not only within the military but also in the corporate and civilian sectors; thanks to the annual high profile match versus the Royal Navy at Twickenham.  The event now attracts a sellout audience as well as a large TV audience of eight million viewers with Sky Sports and British Forces TV (BFBS) broadcasting both matches live in over 12 world-wide geographical locations ranging from Brunei to The Falkland Islands.

For more information please read the Army Rugby Union Sponsorship Document

Principle Sponsor

The support provided by major sponsors to our Representative teams allows them to compete at the highest level.

Mitie is the principle sponsor to the Army Rugby Union and associated representative teams less the ARU 7’s teams.
Contact Mitie at https://www.mitie.com


Leidos supports all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
Contact Leidos at https://www.leidos.com/

Revision supports all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
Contact Revision at https://www.revisionmilitary.com/

iPro supplies sports hydration to the Representative Teams of the Army Rugby Union.
Contact iPro at iprosport.com

CDS supports all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
Contact CDS at cds.co.uk

The Royal British Legion supports the all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
View the Royal British Legion website: britishlegion.org.uk

KBR supports all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
View the KBR website: kbr.com

Maxi Nutrition supplies sports nutrition to the Representative Teams of the Army Rugby Union
View the Maxi Nutrition website: www.maxinutrition.com

Samurai supplies representative team wear to the Army Rugby Union.
View the Samurai website: samurai-sports.com

Veolia supports Army Rugby Union’s Community rugby Premiership Cup (formerly known as the Army Cup) and Community Cup competitions.
Contact Veolia at www.veolia.co.uk.

SAAB supports all aspects of the Army Rugby Union’s activities.
View the SAAB website: SAAB.com

Inter-Services Championship Sponsors

These sponsors provide much needed help and support to enable us to stage major events, tours and competitions.

Babcock supports the prestigious Inter-Services Competition, which culminates in the Army versus Navy match at Twickenham. The winners receive the Babcock Trophy, presently held by the Army. The Army representative teams will play the RAF at Kingsholm, Gloucester on 04 April 2020 and the Royal Navy at Twickenham on 2 May 2020.
Contact Babcock at www.babcock.co.uk
See also Army Navy Match web site at www.armynavymatch.org.