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BA (G) Rugby has kicked off their season with a win

BA (G) 17 – 16 Austria

BA (G) Rugby has kicked off their season on a winning note. Defeating Austria in their inaugural match at Dempsey Barracks, in what was a closely fought affair – the lead changing four times before the final whistle sounded. Initially both sides had equal possession, each backline probing the other with little ground gained from either pack in the first 10 minutes. The Austrians were the first to open the scoring with a penalty from just outside the 22 scored by their #15, who was to display a particularly strong kicking ability throughout the game. With the score at 0 – 3, a backline move instigated by Fly Half Capt Shaw 1ADSR saw Tpr ‘Socks’ Sokia SCOTS DG receive the ball at the half way line, he displayed a flash of individual brilliance, manoeuvring his way through and away from no fewer than five opposing players on his way to crossing the try line to give BA (G) the lead at 5 – 3.

Half Time Team Talk

The game then saw the forwards utilised more, with secondary and third phases occurring more frequently. Off the back of a turnover, created by Capt Whittaker 32 Engr playing at #4, the backline went on a surging attack towards the Austria defence, Socks once again making his presence felt with his strength and pace providing LCpl Vatuvatu of 5RIFLES with the necessary space and advantage to score BA (G)’s second try of the game, 10 – 3. A subsequent breakdown in discipline and player errors saw Austria gain significant ground through penalties, #15 making it 2 from 2 attempts when given the opportunity, 10 – 6. Use of their wingers saw Austria making decent ground, as the ball pinballed its way from sideline to sideline, once within the BA (G) 22 their forwards were able to provide the final drive, a strong crash ball from #3 saw him over the line to give Austria the lead for the second time in the game, 10 – 11 – #15 stepped up once again to make it 3 from 3 attempts, 10 – 13. As the half time whistle was blown the first half stood 10 – 13, with no fewer than 9 penalties between the two sides, of which the vast majority were from BA (G).

Half Time Team Talk

The second half began almost immediately with a penalty against BA (G), their ever reliable kicker stepping up to extend the Austrian lead to 10 – 16. With both sides now settled into the pace of the game, we saw good ground made by the forwards and excellent backline play, providing fine examples of how to do the basics correctly and efficiently. Turnovers were frequent due to the standard of defence from both sides, but again as were the count of penalties. After 20 minutes of each side attempting to batter the other, LCpl ‘Cabbie’ Cabemaiwasa SCOTS DG, who had entered the fray as a half time substitute at #8 provided a break to the current deadlock. Riding a tackle and bursting through a gap in the Austrian’s defence to see the score to 15 – 16, Capt Shaw stepping up to provide the conversion 17 – 16. With the game so close, both teams were within yards of scoring at either end on several occasions – providing for an entertaining if nail biting finish to the game.

Overall some fantastic Rugby was played today, providing a fine example of the Army’s available talent with a solid defensive effort and wonderful atmosphere at Dempsey Barracks, where support numbered over 250.

Try Scorers:
Tpr Sokia SCOTS DG
LCpl Vatuvatu 5RIFLES
LCpl Cabamaiwasa SCOTS DG

1x Capt Shaw 1ADSR

BA(G) v Austria 2014 – Image Gallery

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