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Once again the Army Masters will step onto the world stage just over a year after lifting the World Masters trophy in Turin in Italy. An invitation to play two exhibition matches against the Atlanta Falcons from the USA and a Bermuda Classics side during this year’s International Rugby Bermuda Classic Tournament has been extended to the squad, proof if needed, of the reputation the team has on the world stage. Combined with the tour the squad will take part on the 11th November with the Islands Remembrance Day parade, marching along side the Bermuda Regiment through the streets of the Islands capital.

Army Masters Head Coach WO2 Mark Reed RE is keen to point out that those who play in the Bermuda will not automatically get a place in this years Inter Services Competition and that there are still a few more games in Aldershot for players to stake a claim for a place in this years squad for the crunch end of the season in April and May. But a chance to rub shoulders with the likes of South Africa’s Ex Internationals Percy Montgomery and Argentina Philippe Contepomi, along with England’s 2003 World Cup hero Mike Tindal is not a opportunity to be missed. Just standby for some serious “photo bombing” over the period 9 -17 of November from the Army Masters in Bermuda.

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