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British Army (Germany) Competition Rules

Revised: 20 July 2009

BA(G) RFU Inter Unit League Competition Rules (pdf 55kb)
1. Competition Format. A BA (G) RFU Inter Unit League Competition is planned to be run in the format of 1 BA(G) geographical league. Each unit team will only be allowed to play against each other twice within the league (home and away fixture). Any addition games against the same Unit are permitted but after the initial 2 then no more results will go forward to the league table. Both minor and major units will be able to compete against each other within the same league. However, at the end of the season the highest placed major and minor unit teams within the league will be deemed as the BA (G) Inter Unit League Champions.

2. League Scoring System. Points for the league are awarded as follows:

Win – 4 Pts.
Draw – 2 Pts.
Loss – 1 Pt.

  • 1 bonus point will be awarded to teams that score 4 tries within a match. (8 tries equates to 2 points etc)
  • 1 bonus point will be awarded to a team that loses by 7 or less points within a match.
  • 2 bonus points will be awarded to the travelling team as long as it is outside the garrison/local area.

3. In the event of teams tying on the total amount of “total points”, the tie will be split in favour of the teams that have scored the most points for, and then the teams that have the least points against. If this does not have the outcome then it will be tries for and finally matches against the tying sides

4. Results. Match results are to be forwarded to the secretary by the refereeing secretary. The secretary will then place onto the web site and League table.

5. Limit of Games. Due to operations, exercises and other commitments not everyone can play throughout the season and therefore there will be no limit on the number of games that teams can play. The responsibility for the booking of qualified in-date officials, health and safety issues, risk assessments and pitches falls to the hosting home team. Respective unit Rugby Officers are requested to liaise with their counterparts to mutually arrange suitable fixture dates within this season. All dates that are arranged are to be forwarded to the BA (G) Rugby secretary and the Refereeing Secretary as soon as possible.

6. Double Headers. Teams that have both entered the League and BA (G) Cup competitions can play a double header match. This will only be allowed if both teams and the BA (G) Rugby Secretary are in agreement prior to the match.

7. Player Eligibility. Teams are only to field players that are on the held strength of their unit, or units that are amalgamated with them for sport. BA (G) unit amalgamations are available via the BA(G) Sports Board. Teams that wish to put a case forward outside of the above rule are to do so in writing stating their reasons. The case will then be presented to the BA (G) Rugby secretary for a final decision.

8. Cancellation of games. If a Unit cancels a game less than 48hrs prior to KO then that team loses the game 50 nil however no bonus points will be awarded to any team.

9. Conclusion. BA (G) Rugby is back on the map. The league is wide open and aims to get Rugby OIC’s talking and arranging as many fixtures as possible. Remember this will be self driven and you must play a minimum of 6 games in order to be in the reckoning to be League champion.