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For the Championship Competition and Premiership Cup please be advised that the following rules are in place:

In the knock out stages of the competition there is a need to gain a result on the day, a draw will not do.

In this instance the following provisions are made:

  • After regular time there will be a 5min gap. Teams will swap ends. Teams will play a further 2 x 10 mins each way, swapping ends at half time. The team with the highest score at the end of 20mins will be the winner. The complete 20mins will be played.
  • If the scores remain tied, there will be a further gap of 5 mins as teams swap ends again. Teams will now play a 10 min sudden death period. If either team score in any way, they will be declared the winners.
  • If after this 10mins a winner is not found there will be a drop kick penalty shoot out. Teams will nominate 5 kickers, who must have been playing in the last session. They will all attempt a drop kick at goal from anywhere behind the 22m line. The team with the most successful kicks wins. If the scores remain equal, extra kickers will be drafted in, one at a time until a winner is found. Only those on the pitch for the last 10 mins may kick at goal.

The semi finals for both the ARU Premiership and Championship will be held at Newbury Rugby Club, Newbury, RG14 7RW on Wed 16 Feb 13.

Both sets of matches will be preceded by a Rugby Officer meetings in which league structures and other issues will be discussed for the 2013-2014 season. Units Rugby Officers or their representatives are requested to attend as per below.

Wed 13 Feb 13, timings:

  • 10:45: pre meeting coffee
  • 11:15: Rugby Officers meeting (Prem & Champ) in the Langdon Lounge
  • 12:30: lunch for rugby officers and sponsors
  • 11:00: Changing rooms available
  • 13:15: ARU Champ semi final one KO on pitch 4, (furthest from clubhouse, nearest the road)
  • 13:30: ARU Champ semi final two KO on pitch 3.
  • 13:45: ARU Prem semi final one KO on pitch 2, (nearest to clubhouse) 1400: ARU Prem semi final two KO on pitch 1, (main pitch)
  • 16:00: post match feeding for players
  • 18:15: bar shuts


  • Each match will be played to a winning conclusion, see notes above regarding extra time.
  • Each match will be officiated by a team of three. Referees will be booked centrally, changing in the officials’ suit.
  • Changing rooms for teams will be sign posted on the day.
  • Once semi finalists are known a decision about shirt clashes will be made if necessary. Spectators are very welcome.
  • Travel may be allocated to POT 16 and is centrally funded.
  • An ARU physio for emergency treatment will be available during the match, but is not available pre match for taping etc.
  • Post match, each rugby officer of teams playing will be given 30 players tokens for post match feeding and a single pint of refreshment. See for further details.
  • Please note that in late Oct 12 the finals date was moved to 20 March 13 not 13 March 13 as previously advertised.