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It is with great regret that we report the death of ARU Vice – Patron General Sir Mike Wilkes.

He was a craggy hard working lock forward for both the Gunners and the Army in the 1960s. Every time he pulled on the Royal Artillery white shirt and the Army Red’s shirt he did so with great pride and massive enthusiasm. Up until the early 2000s he was one of only two Army players to be awarded the Army Senior XV colours tie without actually having played in an Inter Service match at Twickenham. This came about in recognition of the many seasons he had played for the Army but, enduring the same fate as so many, at a time when there were no replacements, he stoically stood down when the International players were drafted in. His enthusiasm for Army rugby never diminished and his massive frame and broad smile could always be seen on Army Navy Day at Twickenham. Rugby played a major part in his life. He met his future wife Anne on a Sandhurst rugby tour of Jersey, he became the island’s Lieutenant Governor in retirement and took a keen interest in the Jersey rugby club. He would have been chuffed at their new found status in the Championship.

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