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Job Vacancy – Chairman of Discipline / Governance



A. ARU Website – www.armyrugbyunion.org.uk
B. ARU Handbook 2012/2013 – ARU Handbook Season 12-13 (pdf)
C. RFU Regulations 19 Discipline – Pages 249 to 308 and RFU Regulations 20 Anti-Doping Provisions – Pages 309 to 320 of the RFU Handbook 2012/2013.
D. RFU Website www.rfu.com

• The appointment of Chairman of Discipline/Governance becomes available at the close of the rugby season 2012/2013. The new incumbent is required to be in post at the beginning of season 2013/2014.

• Applicants are to send their rugby CVs along with a covering letter detailing why they see themselves suitable for the appointment to the Secretary Army Rugby Union by 1 Jun 13, copied to the current incumbent – details at the bottom of this job description.

Role and responsibilities:

The Chairman of Discipline & Governance is an appointment within the ARU Council.

The RFU has delegated powers to the ARU, as one of its Constituent Bodies (CBs). the power to hold enquiries and award punishment, or take other such action as it is seen fit (subject to a right of appeal to the RFU) with respect to disciplinary/governance incidents relating to ARU clubs and members. This authority is exercised by the ARU Disciplinary Committee under the Chairman of Discipline & Governance who shall act as the ARU Disciplinary Officer. The Secretary ARU will be the Disciplinary Secretary for the ARU. They are responsible for giving advice to the ARU clubs on discipline/governance policy and casework.

Each member (club or individual) of the ARU is bound by the Rules & Regulations of the RFU, the Laws of the Game, and the IRB regulations relating to the game. Any breach thereof shall be a breach of the rules of the CB (ARU) and shall be dealt with under the powers contained within the rules or in accordance with powers which have been delegated to it by the RFU.

From season 2013/2014 the CB (ARU) Council Member may not chair or sit on a disciplinary/governance hearing.

The role of Chairman of Discipline & Governance covers all aspects of on and off field aspects to discipline and governance. Areas covered during current tenure are:

• Red card offences
• Citings
• Prohibited drugs
• Under age players
• Behaviour of players, coaching staff and spectators
• Discipline in the round for the Inter Services matches i.e. Army v Navy event
• Drug testing (CDT)

Procedures & Guidance:

The procedures for a disciplinary/governance hearing are detailed in References A-D. They are promulgated by the ARU Chairman of Discipline/Governance at the beginning of each season

• All procedures covering discipline/governance are carried out following the RFU guidance in The Rugby Football Union Handbook 2012-2013 – Regulation 19
• Advice is given by the RFU Head of Discipline at Twickenham – Mr Gerard McEvilly (Office: 020 8831 6667 / Mobile: 07590 890722
• Sec ARU – who acts as Sec for all disciplinary hearings

Cyprus & Germany (and other parts of the world where the Army may be playing the sport) :

• There will be a requirement to attend the annual Akrotiri 10s competition run by the RAF. As the Army have the largest number of teams participating, for the last 5 years, the ARU have been in attendance and run tri-Service discipline panels on Island. This allows the event organisers to know that all disc issues are dealt with by the end of the competition before all the players/teams leave Cyprus for their unit locations.

• There is currently the requirement to undertake disciplinary hearings for players sent off in Germany. Depending on the nature of the case, hearings are heard by VTC or in person by travelling to Germany.


• There is the requirement to bid for discipline/governance funding annually through the ARU screening process. This has been done for season 20130/2014.

Dissemination of Information:

There is the requirement to disseminate information as follows:

• Produce the annual pre-season letter to all clubs concerning disciplinary/governance issues – this is also place don the web
• Produce the annual insert for the ARU hand book – Discipline Procedures
• Provide input into the annual Army v Navy Army HQ GRO on matters concerning discipline/governance


• Attend the bi-annual RFU Discipline & Governance conference – usually held at Wyboston. You will be required to collate the ARU attendance – usually 4 places plus Chairman.
• Coordinate attendance at any other RFU rugby/discipline/governance event – e.g. RFU Matters Conference held in Oct 12.
• Seek RFU support to run discipline seminars – with the aim of widening the pool of ARU accredited personnel – hence allowing them to be members of disciplinary panels. Recent RFU run events for the ARU have been held in London, Grantham, Germany and Cyprus

Further information on the role of the appointment can be sought from:

Colonel MCH Underhill OBE
Email: or
Phone: Mil – 94552 8144 / Civ – 0151 728 2061 / Mobile – 07869 02668

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