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Return to rugby at Unit Level – update March 2021


The RFU Return to Rugby Roadmap moves to level D1 from Mon 29 Mar 21.


So what does this mean for my unit?


  • We will be back in the position for the unit game as per the detail in ABN 095/2020. Our approval from the ASCB allows for unit level ‘Ready 4 Rugby’(R4R) training and matches to take place (see para 5, footnote 5 of the ABN).
  • Further details, including the rules and how to play R4R can be found on the RFU Website here.
  • This authorises R4R matches to take place between units in Garrison locations. As per our previous return, it is acknowledged some units do not sit within a Garrison area. The ARU Chief Ops Offr (Chris Fowke) and Chairman Unit Competitions should be approached if units identify other local units to play. ROs wishing for their units to play a match must follow the guidance given on the ARU website.
  • You are also able to resume contact training (excluding scrum and maul) as per level D1. Full detail of what this means is within the guidance and JPEG. This is CO authorised activity, and must be conducted in accordance with FRAGO 001 to Pj PHOENIX OpO 001 and the most up to date Force Health Protection Instruction (FHPI).


We are conscious units and teams not based in England (under the RFU) may have received different guidance from their governing bodies. For example, the WRU have released this ‘Pathway to Participation’, which differs in dates and activity allowed to that of the RFU.

However, as your affiliation falls under the ARU (who are governed by the RFU), you should work to ARU guidance as this is where your insurance is. Thus,  you can play Ready4Rugby from 29 Mar 21, but only in games against other ARU teams (no civilian sides).

Any queries should be directed in the first instance to the Chair of Community Rugby Competitions, Major Andy Bennett Email