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Army 7s Team Management & Contact Details

Director of 7s Rugby – Major Jon Lord RAMC

Tel Mil: 94222 3184
Tel Civ: 01252 348184

General Manager Army 7s – WO1 Stu Cooke RAMC

Email Mil:
Tel Mob: 07811389622
Tel Mil: 94355 4513
Tel Civ: 02920 562291



Head Coach Men
Cpl DamuDamu RLC

Head Coach Women
SSgt Dean Lewis RAC

Assistant Coach Men
SSgt John Beart RAMC

Assistant Coach Women
WO2 Dean Bradley RAPTC

Team Manager Men
Sgt Vanavasa Bai RAMC

Email Mil –
Tel Mob – 07578539562

Team Manager Women
Capt Matt Pallas Rifles

Email Mil –
Tel Mob – 07813078647

Equipment Manager SSgt Ash Phillips RAMC

Referee Advisor/Technical Analysis – WO2 Paulisi Namata REME

Strength and Conditioning Coach – SSgt Martin Brightey RAPTC

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