Chairman – Colonel (Retired) Ritson I Harrison OBE

Colonel R I Harrison OBE
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Contact Details

Colonel (Retired) Ritson I Harrison OBE
BA(G) Sport Board
Catterick Barracks,
Detmolder Strasse 440, Bielefeld,
BFPO 140

Tel Civ: 0049 (0) 521 9254 2620
Tel Mil: 94881 2620

Email (DII): BFG-HQ-G1-SportsBd-GenSec

DoR – Capt Shaun Reeve

Capt Shaun Reeve
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DOR (Sec) – TBC

Manager – TBC

Assistant manager – TBC

Head Coach – SSgt Andy Meenan

SSgt Andy Meenan
[two_third_last]I joined the Army in 1999, after representing Midland schools and playing in academy sides at Moseley and Stourbridge in my preferred position of Blind-side flanker. Upon joining the Queen’s Royal Hussars my time at No.6 was short lived, I was thrust in to the coal face at tight-head! [/two_third_last]

I represented the regiment just 3 days in to my career, after being scouted by the Corps Head Coach I was soon back in Bovington representing the RAC, from there I went on to represent Army U23’s and was selected for CS at the same level, unfortunately I never got to represent the CS due to an injury in training camp. I continued to represent the RAC and the Regiment up until 2012 when I decided that I needed to focus on bringing through the younger players in the Regiment. After working as the forwards coach for a season I was posted to Bovington where the opportunity arose to get on board with the RAC Team. I returned to RD in Jan 2014 to take over as head coach. In Jan 2015 I begun a HO/TO with the BA(G) Coaching Team before their return to UK.

I feel incredibly privileged to involved with representative rugby in the Army, when ever I am home in the UK I go back to my roots at Moseley and Stourbridge and lend a hand where I can. After a big shake up in BA(G) I am looking forward to working with the other members of the Coaching Team and developing myself to hopefully move on to more senior roles within Army Rugby.

Contact Details

Tel Mil: 94879 4097
Tel Civ: 0049 5254 9824097
email MOD:
Email Civ:

Assistant Coach – Cpl Woody Mairara

Cpl Woody Mairara
[two_third_last]Rugby Career:

  • 2000-2006 1 PWRR 15’s and 7’s squad
  • Position played in 15’s – 9, 10, 12, 13, 15.In 7’s – 9 and 10
  • Infantry squad from 2001 – 2004. 2003 Infantry 15’s Tour to South Africa (Durban) won 2 lost 3
  • 2005 -2006 played BAG rugby 15’s
[/two_third_last] Coaching Career:

  • Started Coaching 1PWRR from 2003 in 15’s and 7’s
  • 2014 Joined the BAG set up as an assistant coach
  • 2014 got selected to coach the BAG 7’s

Achievements in 15’s:

  • 2004 lost in the Premiership semi finals to the Royal Scots

Achievements in 7’s:

  • 2003 won the Chiswick 7’s civilian tournament in London
  • 2008 and 2009 winners of the Ashby 7’s in Leicester(civilian tournament)
  • 2009 won the Bournemouth 7’s mans open(civilian tournament)
  • 2010 BAG 7’s Cup winners
  • 2011 BAG 7’s winners in the Plate and the Cup
  • 2014 Newquay 7’s winners of the mans open with BAG 7’s team (civilian tournament)
  • 2014 Brussels International 7’s plate winners with the BAG 7’s team (civilian tournament)


  • To gain as much experience in coaching in both 15’s and 7’s
  • To complete a level 3 coaching course in the near future
  • And to work with Army 7’s and 15’s as an assistant coach

Contact Details

Contact through the ARU

Forwards Coach – TBC

Backs Coach – TBC

Conditioning Coach – Warwick Robert Tanner

Mr Warwick Tanner
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Contact Details

WR Tanner
Bielefeld Station Gymnasium
Catterick Bks

Tel Mil: 94881 3249
Tel Civ: 0049 (0)521 92543249
Email DII: WestfalenGar-Bie-Sta-Gym-Mgr
email MOD:
Email Civ:

Referee Analyst – Major (Retd) Tyke Stevenson

[two_third_last]Born and bred in Leeds, Tyke’s sporting passion in school was kissball (PT teacher former 1st div player), atheltics and cross-country running, no mention of rugby I hear you sigh….. (not played at school). Upon leaving school he joined REME as a Vehicle Mechanic where upon this 7.5 stone man mountain, who could run 100m in 10.7 secs, was introduced to Rugby 7s, “Tyke just stay out wide, we’ll get the ball to you and you run” I think was my first rugby lesson.

Tyke represented the REME both in UK and Germany, the Royal Engineers (Germany) and the Army Veterans before the ability to make use of the gaps in defences and the recovery between Wed and Sat games finally gave up the ghost. He had the pleasure of coaching both REME Germany and Royal Engineers Germany (one season both simultaniously) and for one season Army Cyprus. He has been the rugby officer in a number of units, the highlight being taking 36 Engineer Regiment on to win the community cup final.

It was during his coaching days that he decided to attend a referees probationer course (1996), finally taking to the middle some years later in Germany, Holland and Belgium. Tyke has been on the Combined Service Senior List for the past 3 years and is currently the ARURS Area Sec for Germany, responsible for appointing referees in BA(G). He is also a qualified officials assessor.

22 years soldier service resulted in a commission into the Royal Engineers in 2002 until retirement in Jun 2012. A sports enthusiast, Tyke now spends most of his spare time watching sport from the comfort of his rocking chair. He is a long time suffering Leeds United fan but the proud owner of the remote control in his house, much to Katy’s annoyance . Married to Katy, they have two beautiful 11 month old twins, Ewan and Sydney (mums looks thankfully), who have already adopted Leeds Rhinos & Tykes as their rugby teams of choice.

Contact Details

Maj (Retd) Tyke Stevenson
C/O Mrs Katy Stevenson
Kings School
Mansergh Bks
BFPO 113

Civ: 0049 (0) 5252 9336637
Mobile: 0049 (0) 1737563910


BAG Youth Co-Ordinator – TBC

Team Doctor – Capt Saveker

Team Doctor – Capt Mason

Team Physio – Capt Olivia Birch

Team Physio – Maj Thompson

Coach Coordinator – TBC