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The Army and Bath Rugby join forces for a sporting event for local children

A Wiltshire based army garrison joined forces with the Bath Rugby Community Development Team recently in an annual rugby sporting event aimed at children.
The Land Warfare Centre, based at Warminster, played host to a fun filled rugby coaching event over two days aimed at local children and the children of serving soldiers based in Warminster.

The coaching sessions were provided free of charge and were aimed at children between the ages of 6-16.Between the coaching sessions the children had other things to entertain them such as an inflatable obstacle course manned by the Yorkshire Regiment Engagement Team and helped by local soldiers a chance to try paintballing shooting at targets.
The event, which is in its second year, was organised by the Garrison Sergeant Major WO1 (Warrant Officer 1st class) Darren Hinchcliffe.
“This is a joint venture between the Army based here and the Bath Rugby Community development team,” said Darren.

“The children who attend the event were a good cross section of serving soldiers’ children and children from local schools and ones that we invited from locally based rugby clubs.”
Major Chris Wildman of the Queens Royal Hussars, is the chief instructor based at the land warfare centre, Chris explained why this event was important to the garrison:
“This two day coaching event is important to us here at the Land Warfare Centre, we have opened it up to local children this time as last year it was just for the children of the soldiers serving here.” explained Chris

“We wanted a way to say thank you to the local schools and local rugby clubs for allowing our children to play rugby with them during term time, it is great that we have had the support from the Community Development Team at Bath Rugby.”

Steve Middleton, from Bath Rugby’s Community Development Team, said:
“We gladly supported this great community sporting event for the children, it is a great way to get the children involved in rugby, they may have played before but for some this could be the first time that they have played,

“From Bath Rugby’s point of view it is also a great way of developing firm relationships with the Army in the area which we are keen to do.”
The Army hopes that the event will continue building on the firm foundations that have been set in place, hopefully expanding further afield next year.

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