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The Royal British Legion have just launched their latest campaign – ‘Tribute Ink’

The campaign explores the stories of bravery, comradeship, sacrifice and remembrance behind the tattoos of military personnel.

Got a story to tell about your tattoos?  How can you get involved?

Share your story and tattoo photographs either via the link on the Royal British Legion website;

The Royal British Legion will share stories uploaded to their website on their social media channels providing the social media ‘opt out’ box has not been selected.

Or by sharing some photos of your tattoos and the story behind them via your personal social media accounts tagging the ARU and RBL into the posts and using the #tributeink

Social Media accounts;

Army Rugby Union

Twitter: @armyrugbyunion

Instagram: @armyrugbyunion

Royal British Legion

Twitter: @PoppyLegion

Instagram: @royalbritishlegion