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Vacancy for the ARU Seniors XV Head Coach

Further Details below:

1. Applications are invited for the post of Head Coach to the Army Senior XV.

2. The successful applicant will be expected to start on the 3rd September 2012 and it is desirable that the successful applicant completes at least 2 seasons, which ends in May 2014. The position will be reviewed in [May] 2014 in preparation for the possible International Defence Rugby Competition in Sep/Oct 2015.

3. Applicants should send their rugby CV by e-mail to Col Andy Allen Director of Senior Rugby – cc’d to Col Allan Thomson Chairman of Coaching – ">, and current Senior XV Team Head Coach, Capt Andy Sanger – ">.

4. The closing date for applications is 1200 hrs Wed 1 Aug 12. Applicants that don’t pass the CV sift will be contacted by e mail by Mon 6 Aug 12. Applicants that pass the CV sift will be invited to an interview week commencing 27 Aug (location and times tbc). The interview will also seek evidence of coaching competencies.

5. The selection panel will consist of Colonel Andy Allen (Director of Senior
Rugby (DoSR) and Col Allan Thomson (Chairman of Coaching), with Capt Andy Sanger (Senior XV Head Coach) in attendance as an advisor and non-voting member.

6. The successful candidate will be notified after all the interviews have taken place. Unsuccessful candidates at interview will be informed after all the interviews have taken place also.


7. Applicants are to be suitably qualified and experienced as follows:

  • Must be at least qualified to RFU or UKCC Level 3 or appropriate/similar qualifications
  • Must have previous experience of coaching elite rugby players
  • Are to provide 2 people that may be called upon for a written or verbal reference. At least 1 needs to hold a current rugby coaching qualification.
  • Must be serving in the British Army with at least 2 years service remaining from 3 Sep 12, or be an MOD civil servant



8. The Head Coach will hold a minimum of a Level 3 Coaching Certificate3 and be responsible for the Senior XV. He will have considerable delegated power from the Management Board to enable him in conjunction with the Director of Senior Rugby to choose his coaching and Management team4, develop a style of play and will have the final say on selection. All authority will be subject to scrutiny as appropriate5 and the Head Coach will be required to provide regular updates on team issues to the Management Board. He will consult with the Director of Senior Rugby on management and administration matters as appropriate.

9. The Head Coach will be a member of the Management Board (in attendance as required).


10. The Head Coach will be responsible for all aspects of on field activity for the Senior XV. He will also be responsible for:

  • Coaching the Senior XV
  • The A XV team is selected, coached and developed as required
  • Manage all on-field playing matters
  • In conjunction with the Team Manager, produce the annual budget submission for the season by June each year (or as required by the Management Board)
  • Produce and control the coaching and conditioning programme throughout the season
  • Co-ordinate and conduct a fitness and development programme for the ARU Senior Squad in conjunction with the Conditioning Coach prior to the commencement of and during the Season
  • Coach the ARU Senior Squad to standards designed to ensure that the Team and each member thereof plays to its full potential and is well-organised and disciplined both and off the field
  • Identify talent and potential for the ARU Senior Squad throughout the Season and in each calendar year during the Term through observing rugby matches and liaising with the Academy coaches and the network of scouts both in the UK and BA (G).
  • Attend such seminars and briefing sessions as may be arranged or organised by ARU from time to time
  • Produce a coaching report (for all of the ARU Senior XV squad members) at designated points throughout the season
  • Advise the Director of Senior Rugby on Senior XV succession planning for both the Management and Coaching team


11. This prestigious position and contact with senior personalities in the Army must not be underestimated (although the DoSR is available to assist if required). Consequently, the time commitment for this post is demanding for both work and personal time. You will also be required to do out of hours and weekend work, which will include watching players/matches and analytical duties. The dates of the 2013 fixtures and the annual training camp (planned for Portugal in 2013) are available from the ARU Office. You will need to confirm in writing to honour the time commitment. You will also need to provide to the DoSR written agreement from your Chain of Command, after CV sift and prior to interview. DoSR will be discussing the commitment to this post with candidates Chain of Command. This post is unpaid although reasonable travel and subsistence costs will be met.

3Unless an exemption is granted by the ARU Management Board.
4 Coaching and Management Team to be discussed and agreed by the Director of Senior Rugby and then key positions (ie Team Manager) should be endorsed by the Management Board.
5 Usually the Director of Senior Rugby.

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