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Following a successful trials and pre-season training camp the Army Rugby Union Women’s Team Management are pleased to announce that the following players have been successfully selected into the Women’s Rugby Representative Player Training Pool for selection into the Army Women’s A Team and Army Women’s Senior XV for the 2019/20 season.

The players will come together for their 1st training camp between 9-10 Dec before the Women’s A team play the British Police Development KO 1700hrs and the Women’s Senior XV play the British Police KO 1400hrs in Aldershot on the 11 Dec.

Congratulations to all those selected;

Rank First Name Last Name Corps
2Lt Hannah Bishop AGC (ETS)
Cpl Ellen Wood AGC (RMP)
Maj Chantelle Miller AGC (RMP)
Cpl Emily White AGC (RMP)
Sgt Sarah Mimnagh AGC (RMP)
Capt Joanna Moffat* AGC (RMP)
Cpl Sarah Batley AGC (RMP)
Lt Victoria Carbutt AGC (RMP)
Sgt Jade Mullen AGC (SPS)
Maj Jenny Connell AGC(ALS)
LCpl Clair Steele Int Corps
Cpl Sam Lumb Int Corps
Sgt Carrie Smith Int Corps
LCpl Ellie Gattlin Int corps
OCdt Olivia Mamode OTC
OCdt Sally Stott OTC
OCdt Isabella Inglis OTC
Pte Rebecca Avenell QARANC
Cpl Tori Gilmartin QARANC
Cpl Louise Dodd QARANC
Capt Alex Hardy QARANC
Ocdt Ellie Woodward R SIGNALS
LCpl Amber-Starr Palmer R SIGNALS
LCpl Anabelle Whitecross R SIGNALS
Sgt Zoe Trimm R SIGNALS
SSgt Natalie Lewis R SIGNALS
Sig Toni-louisa Lloyd R SIGNALS
Gnr Abby Eatock RA
2Lt Bethany Aleksander RA
Bdr Sammie Preece RA
Gnr Amy Reynolds RA
Bdr Bethan Dainton RA
Lt Colette Broome RA
LBdr Amy Tilbury RA
LBdr Jess McAuley RA
Capt Erica Mills RA
Capt Fran Athawes RA
Capt Gemma Rowland RA
Sgt Laura Latimer RA
Tpr Nina Croker RAC
Sgt Rebecca Bell RAMC
Pte Cara Shaw RAMC
Sgt Beverley Gilbert RAMC
Cpl Charlotte Morgan RAMC
Cpl Heidi Silcox RAMC
Cpl Ellie Raines RAMC
Pte Victoria Gray RAMC
Pte Rae Deans RAMC
LCpl Katie Price RAMC
Capt Anneka Willis RE
LCpl Lucy Mercer REME
LCpl Jodie Allen REME
Sgt Sarah Partington REME
Cpl Chelsey Snead REME
SSgt Raegan Metters REME
Cpl Abigail Hamilton REME
Cpl Sarah Jane Hanser REME
Sgt Talei Peters RLC
LCpl Steph Papp RLC
LCpl Ancilla Carr RLC
LCpl Becky Wilson RLC
WO2 Dee Fay RLC
Cpl Adi Kuini Nayacatabu RLC
Capt Gemma Pearson RLC
Capt Jade Kavanagh-Barnes RLC
Pte Lilly Patrick RLC