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The Army Rugby Union (ARU) is committed to improving the standard of rugby at all levels of the game, from grass roots Community Rugby to the Representative teams. The key to this is the development of skills and tactics through effective, imaginative and demanding training. Qualified coaches are vital to the future of Army Rugby. No matter what your level of playing or coaching experience, there is something for you on a coaching course run by the ARU.

Information on courses can be found here

The RFU course programme can be found here

Contact Details

Director of Coaching Development and Training

Major Gemma Stonebridge-Smith MBE




The Army Rugby Union (ARU) will deliver a minimum of 4 ERCA (AKA level 2) courses during the 23/24 season. The planned courses dates and locations are outline below:

Cse Code Dates Location Bid by date
23/12/001 4 – 7 Dec 24 Midlands (Cottesmore) NLT 10 Oct 23
24/01/002 23-26 Jan 24 Midlands (Cottesmore) NLT 20 Dec 23
24/03/003 4 – 7 Mar 24 South (Aldershot) NLT 1 Feb 23
24/09/004 16 – 19 Sep 24 South (Aldershot) NLT 20 Jul 23


Course Bidding

Eligible personnel are requested to submit bids for course places using the Microsoft Form HERE ASAP but no later than the bid by date.


Course Loading

Once loaded personnel will be notified and receive ‘joining instructions’ for their specific course including the link to register (and where necessary) pay their course fee via the RFU Game Management System.



Course applicants:

  • MUST be serving in the Army (regular, reserve including FTRS and UOTC Officer Cadets). Or be an ACF CFAV who has a responsibly for delivering an ACF related rugby programme.
  • SHOULD be either already coaching (under subversion) or have a desire / future aspiration to coach rugby at any level in the Army (i.e. Unit, Garrison, Corps, Representative etc).
  • COULD have at least a basic understanding of rugby. Whilst this is not essential it does assist those undertaking the coaching qualification.


Course Costs

The course fee is set by RFU ~£100. Where eligible, personnel may be able to utilise Standard Learning Credits (SLCs) as part of your personal development plan. Or where the applicant can demonstrate that they require the course to deliver rugby (at any level) within the Army they may be eligible for ARU / ASCB funding to cover the course cost.


Course Programme

The ARU run a bespoke ERCA course which is delivered via 3-days of face to face training, delivered over 4 consecutive days, with day 3 of the course being a self-study / individual prep day. The course requires participants to attend all 3 face-to-face days and includes both classroom and practical activity.


Further Information

Further general information and additional coaching resources are available on the RFU coaching webpage. If you require specific information about the ARU delivered ERCA please contact the ARU Director of Rugby Development.