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ARURS Training


Booking Courses

There are two ways to book training for Match Officials within the ARURS, these depend on the skills and knowledge you hold and your own personal development. The two methods are:

  1. Via the RFU for all initial courses on your development to be a Match Official
  2. CPD Training for all qualified Match Officials

How to Book an RFU Course

To book a RFU Match Officials course couldn’t be any easier, go to the following link and choose a course from the list below and then follow the booking procedure:

Click here for RFU Course Bookings (opens in a new window)
Advise on how to book a course – Video (YouTube Video – opens in a new window)
Once you have booked, ARURS will deliver the course and startyou on your career as a Match Official.

Note – Once you have qualified and refereed for ARUS, we will pay for your training cost and membership to the society

How to Book an CPD Training and Club/Team Training

Personal or team Development Training is conducted on a supply demand basis by the Society Training Officer in conjunction with the RFU. All queries are to be directed to the STO or Asst STO below:

Martin Bentley
Society Training Officer
Tel: 07854902614
John Voss
Society Development Officer
Tel: 07712762598

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate contacting us at any time. We look forward to seeing you during the season.

RFU L2 Match Official

This course is designed to give new referees the basic skills to be able to officiate the game of rugby union within the Army and Civilian Sectors.

Ser Date Training/Course Location
1 24 – 25 Sept 18 RFU England Rugby Referee Award (ERRA) course Aldershot
2 26 – 27 Nov 18 RFU England Rugby Referee Award (ERRA) course Aldershot
3 4 – 5 Feb 2019 RFU England Rugby Referee Award (ERRA) course Aldershot

ARURS Training Events

These events are designed to cover the core topics of match officiating and issues/concerns generated through the season.

Ser Date Training/Course Location Remarks
1 11 Sept 18 Training Aldershot
2 15 – 16 Oct 18 Training Catterick
3 21 – 22 Jan 19 Training Aldershot
4 25 – 26 Feb 19 Training Catterick

ARURS Training Day

The ARURS Training Day is open to all members of the ARURS and ARU. It will cover all the up to date policies covering the game within the ARU and beyond.

Ser Date Training/Course Location Remarks
1 11 Sep 18 ARURS Training Day Aldershot Garretts – Starting at 1000hrs

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