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Mission Statement


The aim of the ARU is to promote and foster the game of Rugby Union in the Army and its local civilian and military communities in accordance with the Laws of the Game promulgated by World Rugby rules, regulations and bye-laws issued by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).


To meet the Aim the ARU shall pursue the following objectives:

General – Provide an infrastructure for Army Rugby such that no potential participant is denied the opportunity to play, coach or referee at the highest level possible.

Governance – The ARU Management Board that is voted into office by its members annually at the Annual General Meeting shall conduct the affairs of the Union in a financially and responsible way, so that it remains compliant with the Charity Commission and Companies House laws and as detailed in the Constitution.

Representative Rugby – Select and maintain at Senior Men, Senior Women’s, A Team, Academy and Masters levels Fifteen and Sevens team, as appropriate and agreed, to represent the Army. To provide a standard of rugby that will develop and promote those with talent for higher honours. In addition the ARU shall seek to support the work of the UKAF Rugby Football Club Committee.

Community Rugby – Organise and run annually, for Army clubs in the UK and overseas, the ARU Premiership and Championship leagues to provide a competitive element throughout the season irrespective of the ability of the participants; the rules of these competitions are reviewed and published annually on the appropriate page of the ARU web site. In addition the ARU may approve or organize other competitions which support the aim of the ARU, including:

  1. a) The Inter Corps League Tables.
  2. b) The Army Inter Corps Fifteens Championship.
  3. c) The Army Sevens Tournament.

Coaching – Maintain a formal coaching structure to improve and thereafter sustain the standards throughout the Army and to provide a structure for the advancement of coaches.

Referees – Maintain the Army Rugby Union Referees Society (ARURS) to improve and sustain the standards of refereeing in the Army. To facilitate the training, development and advancement of referees and to the appropriate links with the UKAF Rugby Referees and other referees societies.

Finance – Maintain a sound financial base, thereby providing the best service to Rugby Union in the Army, within budget, and in accordance with the priorities agreed by the Management Board.

Marketing and Engagement – Market the ARU as a positive contributor to the ‘lived experience’ and the opportunities available to Army sportsmen and women who seek to compete and succeed at the highest level they can. Where we can, offer ARU representative fixtures to be used as Engagement Events to support the Army’s INFORM and ATTRACT.

Relations with the RFU – Maintain a close and binding relationship with the RFU, taking all appropriate measures to promote Army Rugby at national and international levels, and seeking opportunities to support the RFU’s community rugby initiative.

Injury and Safety – Promote standards of play and discipline such that all players and officials are placed at the least possible risk, whilst ensuring that all participating teams are fully insured via the RFU insurance scheme.

Reviews – The Objectives of the ARU are reviewed by the Management Board, as required, and by the Council annually. If agreed, any recommended changes are to be announced at the Annual General Meeting. Agreed objectives based on paragraph 3 and 4 above are to be promulgated to members of Union through the Annual Management Plan.