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Role and Responsibilities of a Rugby Officer (RO)

  1. Playing Community Rugby with friends and colleagues should be an enjoyable and rewarding opportunity. The most successful community clubs are those that are best administered. This work takes time and effort, most likely from more than one volunteer. The Rugby Officer (RO) is pivotal to this.
  2. The standards that the RO set reflect directly upon the individual, unit and the ARU when dealing with RFU or civilian constituent bodies or clubs. The RO is responsible to their Commanding Officer for the constitution of the club standards of play, administration and discipline of players and spectators both during play and at other unit rugby gatherings.
  3. The RO must ensure that their team is affiliated to the RFU via the ARU and Insured. Once affiliated, all teams (Development, Ladies, Masters etc.) are covered including occasional teams such as 7s or Sub Unit sides. How to affiliate and insure a team can be found on the ARU webpage.
  4. If a unit trains or plays without insurance the RO and their Commanding Officer risk civil action for culpable negligence if a player is seriously injured or dies. Additionally, teams should not use Army training facilities or pitches and will not be able to obtain match officials through the ARU Referees Society or any other.
  5. ROs are to ensure that they or a nominated replacement must attend any community rugby meetings called by the Director of ARU Community Rugby or any of his staff. They are to ensure that they have read the minutes to previous meetings and have actioned any outstanding points.
  6. ROs are to plan unit fixtures in line with the ARU Structured Season (SS) and their own FoE. Teams will be docked league points if they cancel fixtures and as such accurate forecasting of available dates for matches is pivotal to success. ROs should engage early with their counterparts and League Secretary where necessary.
  7. ROs are duty bound to ensure that a risk assessment (RA) is carried out and recorded prior to all rugby events in compliance with the Army Duty Holding FRAGO. An example RA can be obtained from the Chairman of ARU Community Leagues and will be provided to ROs at the Pre-Season Community Rugby meeting.
  8. Home ROs are to ensure that all pre match administration is carried out including the booking of and confirmation of referees, pitches and changing facilities.
  9. ROs are responsible for the behaviour of players, officials and spectators during matches. Disciplinary action will be taken against anyone found guilty of abusing match officials either during or after play.
  10. ROs are to ensure that League Secretaries are informed of competitive fixture results within the time stated in accordance with the Premiership, Championship and Community Competition Rules (found on the ARU website)
  11. ROs are to ensure that any injuries are reported and are to complete an Army Form 510 Accident/Incident Report and/or a RFU Reportable Injury Report Form. If a player is hospitalised either during training or match play, then they are to ensure that the player is accompanied and that the CoC is informed at the earliest opportunity.
  12. Any ROs seeking information should either contact their appropriate League Secretary, Chairman (Premiership and Championship or Garrison) or the ARU Secretary. Their details can be found on the Community Rugby Homepage.

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