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Continued Suspension of OSVs

With a delay to the implementation of Step 4 of the Government’s Roadmap for COVID-19, the LOC have advised that they will not authorise any OSVs before 31 Jul 21 at the earliest. The situation will be reassessed further in July 21.

Policy for Overseas Touring

How to apply to take your team on an overseas tour

1. Instructions for, and entitlement to, conduct Army Sport tours overseas can be found on the Army Sport Control Board website here.

2. Touring with your team can be a rewarding experience and provide opportunities not only to travel to distant shores but also to meet, play against and make friends with the wider rugby community.

3. Tours must be well planned in advance and coherent plans for travel, accommodation and playing itinerary must all be considered prior to your application to tour. Please note that a full risk assessment for your tour must also be carried out.

4. When obtaining quotes ensure that the company is an industry accredited operator.

Application Process

5. You must contact the Army Sport Control Board (ASCB) to gain their permission to tour. Your application letter is to contain the following:

  • Dates of the tour.
  • Countries you intend to visit.
  • Number in the touring party (players and administration staff)
  • Details of tour organisor:
    • Rank and Name
    • Contact address, telephone number, email.
    • Unit

You should send the letter to:

Operations Officer
Army Sports Control Board
Mackenzie Building
Fox Lines
Queens Avenue
GU11 2LB

6. The Operations Officer ASCB will respond to you directly to either give authority for the tour or explain the reasons why authority cannot be given.

7. Having obtained the necessary authority from the Army Sport Control Board permission must then be granted for the overseas tour by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

8. A copy of the ASCB letter granting permission to tour will be sent to the Secretary ARU who will request that you download the following:

9. The notification will be endorsed by the ARU and then be forwarded to the Operations Department of The RFU, who will respond directly granting permission for the tour.


10. Insurance is an obligatory requirement for your team on tour, this provides cover should a member of your party require hospital treatment etc. Please note that tour insurance must be obtained from the RFU Insurance provider Perkins Slade, full details are via: – before The RFU will grant permission, a Rugby Club Insurance Application Form can be downloaded from the link.

11. Proof of insurance must be sent to the ARU office along with the completed Notification of Proposed Overseas Tour form.

12. Any other form of insurance such as that provided by travel agents or individual insurance brokers is unlikely to provide sufficient cover for rugby teams and should not be taken out in preference to the proposal offered by Marsh.

Action on returning

13. Once the tour is completed an Overseas Tour Report Form (pdf 82kb) must be completed and returned to the RFU with copy sent to the ARU office, this form is also contained in your tour pack.

14. Finally, when on tour please enjoy yourself, but whilst doing so you must remember that at all times you are representing your unit, The Army, the RFU and above all your country, please be aware that your touring party’s behaviour has a direct impact on how we are perceived abroad! Any discipline problems or issues involving serious injury must be reported to your Unit and the ARU as soon as possible.

15. If you have any questions regarding overseas tours please call the Secretary on 01252 787080 ATN: 94222 7080