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2024 Army Corps Seven-A-Side Competition

Corps teams are invited to compete in the ARU Corps 7s 2024 competition.

The competition will take place on Wed 26 Jun 24 at the Army Rugby Stadium and Queens Avenue rugby pitches, Aldershot.

The tournament will feature a round robin pool phase, the number of pools will rely on number of teams. The aspiration is to have both male and female pools leading to the knockout phases. Teams will be playing towards a Cup and Plate Final.

Admin Instruction

Corps 7s Competiton Admin Instruction

2024 Army Community Seven-A-Side Finals

The format for the Army Rugby Union Community 7s offer for 2024 has been adapted from past seasons.

The regional format will no longer exist, from 2024 delivery will revert to Corps being responsible for running an intra-Corps 7s event.

This will lead to the Army Community 7s finals (inter-Corps) where successful teams will be identified to represent the Army in the inaugural Inter Service Unit 7s.

This offer is open to men’s and women’s teams, it is vital Corps make a concerted effort to include women’s teams in any and all rugby.

The ARU Community 7s Finals will take place on Wednesday 17th July in Aldershot.

Admin Instruction

Community 7s Finals Admin Instruction


Director ARU Community 7s

Capt Jeff Howard R SIGNALS