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  1. All Corps, units and clubs playing rugby in the Army must have the mandatory RFU insurance. The insurance covers players and management for accidental death and specified permanent total disability incurred whilst playing the game, training and traveling to and from a game.Full details can be found on the RFU website at – Insurance
  2. Insurance cover is provided by the RFU for all ARU affiliated clubs, the cover extends to all teams (i.e. 1st XV, 2nds 3rds, Sevens, Tens and Vets etc). You must seek advice on insurance cover from the ARU Secretary if you are planning one off events such as Officers Mess v Sgts. Mess or inter Squadron/Company/Battery matches.
  3. If your club is not affiliated you are not insured; playing rugby without insurance is a serious matter, and units that fail for whatever reason to insure their rugby teams face the following consequences:
    • The unit/club concerned cannot train or play rugby under the auspices of the ARU or RFU and will not be entitled to the use of Army facilities (e.g. pitches, changing rooms, training facilities/equipment)
    • Officials will not be appointed by the ARU or any other Referees Society to any non-affiliated unit/club games.
    • Injured players or club officials will not have the ability to claim under the mandatory insurance scheme, furthermore units/clubs could be failing in their duty of care if they permit rugby to be played without insurance cover, individuals have in the past pursued civil court action to establish culpable negligence and to gain compensation.
    • For more information on ARU Affiliation
  4. All clubs are reminded that it is the duty of the organizing rugby officer to insure that a risk assessment and match safety check list is conducted before each match. RFU approved HASAW risk assessment and match safety check list are at – Any concerns please contact the Secretary, Chris Fowke on 94222 7080.
  5. If you have any doubts regarding insurance or other health and safety issues, contact Chris Fowke, ARU Secretary at or on 01252 787080 or 94222 7080.