Discipline Hearing Judgements


Date of Hearing Player Date of Match Red Card / Citing / 5.12 / other Offence Sanction
07/07/2021 Paulisi Vuliwaciwaci 30/06/2021 Red Card Punching/Striking with hand/arm inc stiff arm tackle 5 weeks
21/07/2021 Akuila Tikoduadua 14/07/2021 Red Card Early/late/dangerous tackle 3 weeks
21/07/2021 Ratu Balenaivalu 14/07/2021 Red Card Dangerous play in ruck/maul 2 weeks
29/072021 B Tuilevuka 14/07/2021 Red Card Contact with eye area 1 week
05/08/2021 Aporosa Vata 28/07/2021 Red Card Early/late/dangerous tackle Dismissed
05/08/2021 Pauliasi Sema 28/07/2021 Red Card A player must not lift an opponent off the ground and drop/drive head/upper body to the ground Dismissed
24/09/2021 Joji Louwalu 15/09/2021 Red Card Stampingtrampling 1 week
01/10/2021 Savenaca Vueta 24/09/2021 Red Card Punching/Striking with hand/arm inc stiff arm tackle 9 weeks
14/10/2021 Mosese Taukeinawau 06/10/2021 Red Card Early/late/dangerous tackle 5 weeks

Discipline Committee


Chair of Discipline – Capt Stuart Scott

MOD Lyneham
Garrison Support Unit
Building 245
Calne Road
SN15 4XX

Mil Tel: 95481 4547
Civ Tel: 01249 894547



Discipline Secretary – Capt Matt Wray

SO3 Networks
Information Services
Directorate of Information
Army Headquarters
Zone 2, IDL 1
Blenheim Building
Marlborough Lines
Monxton Road
SP11 8HJ

Civ Tel: 0300 1698120



ARU Chief Operations Officer – Mr Chris Fowke

Army Rugby Union
Mackenzie Building
Fox Lines, Queens Avenue
GU11 2LB

Mil Tel: 94222 7080
Civ Tel: 01252 787080
Civilian Mobile: 07595 116118