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ARU Affiliation

  1. To be eligible to play rugby in the Army, all Corps, units and clubs must be affiliated to the ARU; the affiliation fee per club/unit is £50, this affiliation fee includes all administration costs. A proportion of the fee will also go towards the administration of the RFU insurance scheme.
  2. For the season (2023 – 24), clubs who affiliate to the ARU / RFU will automatically receive insurance cover for death and permanent total disability (playing insurance) through the RFU insurance scheme.
  3. To apply for ARU Affiliation for Season 2023-24 (from 1st September 2023 – 31st August 2024) you are to complete and return: ARU Affiliation Return Season 2023-24
  4. All clubs that are affiliated to the ARU now have their own page on the RFUs ‘GMS’ website; unit rugby officers are to contact the RFU ‘GMS’ support desk on 020 8831 6651 or via email to obtain their login and password.  GMS allows the RFU to interrogate all clubs affiliated to a Constituent Body (the ARU) to check fixture lists, insurance status and contacts etc. The RFU will provide monthly updates to the ARU on teams that have successfully logged into GMS, teams that do not obtain their log into rugby first and populate as required will lose accreditation to the ARU.  For queries regarding GMS please contact either the Chair of Community Rugby Major Marc Wilding Email or Director of Unit Rugby Major Andy Bennett Email

RFU Affiliation

  1. ARU affiliated clubs can additionally become RFU affiliated clubs. Affiliation to the RFU (a voting club) provides clubs with certain privileges such as the ability to apply for international match tickets; attend & vote at the RFU AGM and receive the RFU handbook and other publications free of charge.
  2. To become an RFU affiliated ‘voting’ club, you must play a minimum of twelve fixtures (a full fixture list for this and last season must be submitted to the ARU) (Fixture list 2022/23 and fixture list 2023/24) and four of the twelve fixtures must be against other RFU voting clubs as highlighted on the RFU ‘Game Management System’ (GMS) website. These two fixture lists must be included when you submit your ARU affiliation proforma.
  3. If you have any questions regarding affiliation, contact the Chair of Community Rugby Major Marc Wilding Email for health and safety issues, contact the ARU Operations Officer, Mr Chris Fowke or on 94222 7080.


  1. All clubs playing rugby in the Army must have mandatory RFU insurance. This insurance covers players and management for accidental death and specified permanent total disability incurred whilst playing the game, training or travelling to and from a game. Full details can be found on the RFU website at
  2. Insurance cover is provided by the RFU for all ARU affiliated clubs (with cover extending to all teams within that club). One off events such as Inter Mess or Inter Squadron/Company competitions may require additional insurance and as such clubs should confirm that they are adequately covered by insurance with the ARU Secretary.
  3. If a club is not affiliated it is not insured. Units that fail to insure their rugby teams face the following consequences:
    • The unit/club concerned cannot train or play rugby under the auspices of the ARU or RFU and will not be entitled to the use of Army facilities.
    • Officials will not be appointed by the ARU or any other Referee Society to any non-affiliated unit/club games.
    • Injured players or club officials will not have the ability to claim under the mandatory insurance scheme. Furthermore, units/clubs could be failing in their duty of care if they permit rugby to be played without insurance cover which may result in civil court action that establishes culpability and gains compensation.
  4. All clubs are reminded that it is the duty of their Rugby Officer to ensure that a Generic Risk Assessment and Match-Safety-Check-List is carried out before each match.
  5. Any problems or questions with regards to Insurance or other health and safety issues should be directed to the ARU Operations Officer, Mr Chris Fowke on 01252 787080 or 94222 7080.