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The Army Rugby Union (ARU) was formed in 1906 and has continued for over a hundred years to provide an infrastructure for the playing of rugby union within the British Army. Its aim is to promote and foster the game of Rugby Union within the Army and its local communities in accordance with the Laws of the Game promulgated by the Rugby Football Union (RFU).

The ARU is a Registered Charity (Number 1149105) and its day-to-day administration is conducted by a small secretariat based at Aldershot. There are several committees responsible for the various aspects of the management of Army Rugby. The ARU is part of the Army Sport Control Board (ASCB).

We encourage membership of the ARU under the Membership Scheme (ARUMS).


Army Rugby – Professional in every way – on the rugby field and on the battlefield.

Striving for excellence and success in all that we do.

The Army Rugby Union embodies the Core Values and Standards of the British Army both mentally and physically. The teams, the administrators, coaches and supporters of rugby union are the manifestation of both mental and physical Courage, Discipline on and off the pitch, Respect for Others, be it the opposition or match official, Integrity of playing by the laws of the Game and not beyond them, Loyalty to the team and a high degree of Selfless Commitment to train and play a contact teams sport, with associated risks, when others choose not to.

The Game is best played by teams of equals; where everyone is valued for their contribution, no matter their rank, Gender or background. It is the embodiment of team ethos, cohesion, and determination to face physical danger as a unit and thrive off each other’s commitment. Rugby players excel at seizing the initiative, thinking under pressure and leading by example; everyone is empowered on the pitch.

Strong rugby teams are vibrant, resilient, innovative, and powerful; like good military units. The bonds forged on the rugby pitch are akin to those forged in combat – where no matter how hard the physical battle, good teammates pick each other up and carry on in the face of adversity, with a smile on their face, with humility and compassion. Army Rugby Union makes individuals into teams, the fit get fitter, the hesitant become brave and the weak get strong; courage on the pitch translates directly to courage on the field of battle. The Army Rugby enshrines the Army’s values in a way no other sport can. Be the Best, be Rugby!