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Selection to the RFU National Panel of Referees

Untitled1The Army Rugby Union and the Army Rugby Union Referees Society wish to congratulate Capt Max Marsden on his selection to the RFU National Panel of Referees.

In the current climate of military operations and commitments, it is an exceptional achievement to be recognised for his talents as one of the games leading referees for the future. We wish him all the very best.


Latest News

Tickets for AN ENGLAND XV v BARBARIANS are available for application, please use the form below and email all applications to
England XV v Barbarians 2014 Club Form – Please note that all applications must be made by the 18th December 2013 at the latest

The ARURS have the following tickets available for the following QBE Autumn International Fixtures:

Match Date Kick off Price Remaining
QBE Internationals 2013 – England versus New Zealand Saturday 16 November 2013 14:30 £83 (Still available) 1

The following tickets are available for the RBS 6 Nations 2014. Members may only order a maximum of 2 tickets for each International initially, if they required to be considered for more than 2 tickets then they state their requirement on their individuals application return (see below).

Match Date Kick off Price Remaining
RBS 6 Nations 2014 – England versus Ireland Saturday 16 November 2013 16:00 £98

RBS 6 Nations 2014 – England versus Wales Sunday 9 March 2014 15:00 £98


The International Ticket Return Form will be submitted to the RFU on Friday 28 September 2013 and therefore if members wish to go to any of the away internationals then they must provisionally demand the number of tickets, up to 2 tickets per International. For the away Internationals, the ARURS has no allocation and therefore our allocation will be limited; over the past few season we have been allocated between 4 and 6 tickets per away international.

Match Date Kick off
RBS 6 Nations 2014 – France versus England Saturday 1 February 2014 17:00
RBS 6 Nations 2014 – Scotland versus England Saturday 8 February 2014 17:00
RBS 6 Nations 2014 – Italy versus England Saturday 15 March 2014 12:30

Could all interested individuals respond to Sid Goodall (S Goodall, DIO-Bldg 18, Piave Lines, Catterick Garrison, DL9 3LR) using the following individuals application return with the following information:

  • Subject
  • Response
  • Name (first and surname)
  • Address (Location for tickets to be sent)
  • Contact phone number
  • Email Address
  • Nuber of tickets and for which game (max bid 2 tickets per International)
  • Cheque to cover the ticket price (Made payable to ARURS)
  • Additional ticket requirement is tickets become available

Information for Referees

Scrum Engagement – Players, Coaches and Referee Update August 2013 Posted 14 Aug 2013 (PDF)
Provisional Suspension – Letter to Referees August 2013
Scrum Engagement Global Try – Update Posted 29 May 2013
IRB Laws 2013 Posted 7 Feb 2013

Notices to Download

130907 CL IRB Law Clarification 1 2013 – Posted 01 Oct 2013
ARU Concussion Policy(pdf 131k) – posted 13 Feb 2013
IRB Note to Unions on Scrum Engagement(pdf 49kb) – posted 16 Jan 2013
IRB Ruling 3 – 2010 (pdf 46kb) – posted 21 Apr 10
IRB Ruling 2 – 2010 (pdf 46kb) – posted 15 Mar 10
IRB Ruling 2 – 2012 – posted 18 Apr 13
IRB Handbook Regulations (pdf 40kb)
Changes to Law 3 and Regulation 17 (pdf 67kb) – posted 8 Sep 09
Obstruction and Hands in Ruck (pdf 74kb) – posted 8 Sep 09
Changes to Law 3 and Regulation 17 (pdf 67kb) – posted 8 Sep 09
Front Row Regulations (pdf 370kb) – posted 8 Sep 09
ELV Ruling 02/09 (pdf 40kb)
ELV Ruling 03/09 (pdf 44kb)
Discipline Memo to Referees – posted 19 Apr 13
Note to Unions Law 4 – Players Clothing – posted 19 Apr 13

Guidance on Intervention for Youth Matches

The guidance on intervention for youth games has been issued for referees by the RFU.
Download Intervention by Referees in Youth Rugby (pdf 41kb)
Download Referees’ Restrain Form (pdf 40kb)

Any questions regarding content should be directed to John Voss.

Posted: 7 Nov 09

Dangerous Tackles

In 2007, the IRB Council approved a Laws Designated Members Ruling which essentially made it clear that tackles involving a player being lifted off the ground and tipped horizontally and were then either forced or dropped to the ground are illegal and constitute dangerous play.

At a subsequent IRB High Performance Referee Seminar at Lensbury referees were advised that for these types of tackles they were to start at red card as a sanction and work backwards.

Unfortunately these types of tackles are still being made and the purpose of this memorandum is to emphasize that they must be dealt with severely by referees and all those involved in the off-field disciplinary process.

This decision correctly highlights that the lifting of players in the tackle and then either forcing or dropping them to the ground is dangerous and must be dealt with severely.

To summarise, the possible scenarios when a tackler horizontally lifts a player off the ground:

  • The player is lifted and then forced or “speared” into the ground. A red card should be issued for this type of tackle.
  • The lifted player is dropped to the ground from a height with no regard to the player’s safety. A red card should be issued for this type of tackle.
  • For all other types of dangerous lifting tackles, it may be considered a penalty or yellow card is sufficient.

Referees and Citing Commissioners should not make their decisions based on what they consider was the intention of the offending player. Their decision should be based on an objective assessment (as per Law 10.4 (e)) of the circumstances of the tackle.

Download this text (pdf 27kb)

Posted: 10 Jun 09

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