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A comfortable win for the Army Masters against a stunned Scottish Police side. 58-7
On a bitterly cold March afternoon just outside Glasgow on a 3G pitch the Army Masters took on the Scottish Police. This fixture would be the final fixture before the Inter Services game against the Royal Air Force on the 11 April at RAF Halton. This was also the culmination of the Masters training camp. The Masters having not lost a game this season so far were after revenge (a scalp) as the Scottish Police had beaten them last season. The training camp was also a platform for the coaches to finalise the RAF team. With all the players wanting to make the starting 15 it was very obvious that the coaches were going to have a difficult time to make a decision on who to select for the final Inter Services Squad.
This was a game which was going to be fast not only with it being a 3G pitch but a majority of the Police were not Vets; this was going to test the Masters fitness. The game kicked off and it was not long before the Masters started to show control and balance with runners off 9 and 10 being a complete nuisance to the Police defence, drawing them in and leaving space on the outside for 9 to kick a lovely weighted ball to the winger who finished in style. This would be the start of many more tries to come. 5-0 Army Masters.
The Masters had spells where they were put under pressure by the Police but again they showed that over the last few days they had become a well bonded team willing to fight for each other no matter what was placed in front of them. The forwards started to show their dominance in the scrum making it very difficult for the Police pack and for their 9 to do anything with the ball; proving whilst under pressure the Masters can keep calm and controlled and clear their lines. With the Police under lots of pressure, it opened up the running game for the Masters. The Police tried to kick for territory but some well caught high balls enable the Army fullback to come into his own, running hard at the Police and selling some fantastic dummies leaving the Police winger standing. This awesome play saw the Masters score the second try of the game which also converted. 12-0 Army Masters
Not only were the backs having plenty of ball so were the forwards. A great line break by the hooker, he had to sprint hard and get the Masters into a very favourable scoring position. Good handing and some interplay realised try number 3. 17-0 Army Masters
At the restart a poor kick by the Police saw the Masters have a scrum in the centre, the skipper who was playing at 8 picked up the ball getting beyond the gain line offloading to 13 who scored again for the Masters. 22-0 Army Masters
The Masters continued to pile on the pressure and just before half time they were awarded a penalty 10m out from the Polices try line. The skipper took a quick tap and caught the Police napping to score the final try of the half which was also converted. 29-0 Army Masters
At half time the Coaches didn’t really have much to say, a couple of changes were made but they wanted to keep the intensity going, not let up and continue to punish the Scottish Police.
A great start to the second half by the Masters saw some fantastic work by both forwards and backs, keeping the ball alive resulting in a penalty being awarded 5m out from the Police try line. The Masters instead of kicking to the corner opted for the scrum which resulted in a pushover try. This try was also converted and extended the Masters lead to 36-0.
Scottish Police restarted the game with a long kick, the Army Masters 10 decided to kick the ball deep into the police half which was knocked on by the Police 15. This set the platform with the skipper again picking up from the back of the scrum to get over the gain line and off load to the winger who scored again for the Masters, taking the score to 43-0.
Again the restart went to the Army Masters 10 who instead of clearing his lines saw an opportunity and broke the advancing Polices defence with some fantastic inter play by forwards and backs, however a rare mistake by the Masters saw the Police awarded a scrum. With the Police under pressure at the scrum and going backwards the ball was turned over in open play and the Masters backs released the winger to score again. 48-0 Army Masters
The Police all through the game kept on fighting and never once let up. They eventually went over the white wash to score their only try of the game. This came from some indiscipline by the Masters and some fantastic recycling by the Police. This try was converted. 48-7 Army Masters
The Masters composed themselves and again came back hitting hard to make up for their mistakes. The forwards taking the lead this time recycling the ball well and with some great inter play saw 6 go over the line and score in the corner. 53-7 Army Masters
Army Masters continued to apply the pressure and with the game coming to an end, the Masters had one last play in them with a scrum 8m out from the Police line saw the forwards push the Police back comfortably and the sipper crossed over the line again to take the final score to 58-7 for the Army Masters.
Overall this was a fantastic training camp finished with a great game of running rugby. The Masters would like to thank the Scottish Police for the game and their hospitality who now look forward to defending there Inter Services title with their first match against the Royal Air Force on the 11 April 18.