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Health & Safety

The ARU Health & Safety Policy is contained in the ARU Policy book.

You can view the ARU hand book here.

Commanding Officers, Officer Commanding and Unit Rugby Officers should be aware of their health & safety responsibilities with regards to playing rugby some of which are detailed below:

  1. The current Army policy regarding the provision of pitchside medical cover for sports events is contained in the Duty Holding (DH) in the Army FRAGO Sport and Adventurous Training.
  2. Details and advice regarding rugby related health and safety issues can be found on in the RFU web site (England Rugby – http://www.englandrugby.com/rugbysafe/):
    • General health issues can be found in their Healthcare section
    • Tackling – All ARU club coaches are urged to attend regular CPD to ensure they are coaching safe tackle technique.
    • First Aid and First Aid Boxes – First Aid Boxes content can be found in the ARU First Aid Kit Check List (pdf 27kb) it must be noted that once an item is used it must be replaced at the earliest opportunity prior to the next match at which it may be required.
  3. Risk assessments
  4. Reporting of Serious Injury
    • Please use this form to report any injuries that occur whilst playing rugby or taking part in organised rugby squad training sessions that fit any of the following definitions:
      1. An individual who sustains an injury which results in their being admitted to a hospital. This does not include those taken to an Accident or Emergency Department and allowed home from there.
      2. Deaths occurring during or within 6 hours of the game finishing.
  5. Understanding the RFU’s new concussion standards
    • headcaseThe RFU’s and ARU’s standards relating to the management of concussion and extending the reach of our concussion education initiatives are fully explained here – but what does this mean for you?

      As part of the rugby family, you’re bound to get asked about why we need to change things, and what coaches, referees etc. can do to keep people safe on the rugby pitch – here are some of the answers

    • The RFU works hard to:
      • Protect the welfare of players
      • Take on board the latest available medical evidence & advice on concussion
      • Work with the IRB and different playing levels in England to have a consistent approach that’s easy to follow
      • Not keep players out of the game longer than necessary
    • Part of this work has resulted in the updated return to play guidelines which have been recently updated and are shown in the Army Rugby Union Concussion Protocol via the link above.

Should you have any issues please contact the ARU senior medical officer via the Secretary ARU –

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