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Rfn Vereimi Qorowale (Rifles) credited the contributions of Newcastle Falcons’ international backs in helping him develop as a 15s player of the last few months.

The big back was one of the red shirts’ eye-catching players in their 48-17 win over the Royal Air Force at Kingsholm, setting up Capt Samuel Ackers’ (Rifles) score in the first half before crossing himself after the break.

Although he has played on the wing for the Falcons this season he lined up at outside centre for the Army, versatility he says comes from working with the likes of Argentina internationals Mateo Carreras, Matias Moroni and Matias Orlando, as well as England cap Adam Radwan.

“To be around the internationals at the club I have learned a lot to bring into camp with the Army,” he said. “I’ve shared with the boys what I’ve learned, and it’s a good environment there to give me information to pass on.”

There may have just been two points in it between the teams at the break, but Rfn Qorowale insists that there was never any doubt about the final outcome, adding: “With the Army we are built to fight, so I believe there was no way we were ever going to lose the game!

“We re-set during the break and went to go again.”

Rfn Qorowale earned his professional contract with Newcastle through a string of eye-catching outings for the Army Sevens squad, and his first senior cap came 10 days after his first outing in the 15-a-side team in the Mobbs Memorial Match. With a training camp in Cardiff, too, it has been a memorable few weeks for the 28-year-old, who only came to England in 2019.

“To come in and don the red jersey is a dream come true, and to debut with a try I really enjoyed it,” he said.

“Getting the game plan and gel with the boys is important, so they were expecting so much from me. For me it’s about getting the ball and getting into space, and I got the offload away, which is how we ended up with the try.”

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