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Huge congratulations to one of our referees, Major Adam Hughes of the Queen’s Alexandra Royal Army Nursing Corps, who has been supporting the NHS’s fight against COVID since the first national lockdown a year ago.

Having been a nurse for over 20 years, his experience has been invaluable in treating patients during the COVID pandemic.  In the South East, Adam and his team, have been working exceptionally long days, to maintain clinical care and treatment to all patients requiring attention.

With the challenges of dealing with the sheer volume of patients and a reduction in emergency surgery, his team have had to adopt new methods to deal with rapidly deteriorating patients, utilising past experiences from the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone.  Spending long periods away from his family in Birmingham, dealing with the challenges of home schooling, Adam also had to deal with contracting COVID himself and focus recovering from this debilitating disease.  In his own words, even doing the simplest things was very tiring and he didn’t get his sense of smell back for nine months.

On behalf of the Army Rugby Union Referees Society, we are very proud of Adam for his hard work and his commitment to the society.

Words © ARURS

Images below © Soldier Magazine, March 2021 Edition