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On Friday the 19th November four members of 48 Field Squadron, 39 Engineer Regiment got the amazing opportunity to conduct some training for a local rugby club in Nanyuki. Fresh from the completion of Ex ASKARI STORM, SSgt Lawton and Cpls McLean, Kelly and Thomas, all members of the Kinloss Rugby Club were invited to assist with training.

The session started with the presentation of playing strips from the Kinloss Rugby Club to all the children, so after a quick change of kit everyone was ready to train. It was very clear that the standard of rugby from the children was very high. The session started with some handling drills and small games which the children excelled in. After some more specific passing training and practice catching high balls we were ready to play games.

Once the teams were decided and split in age groups we had the under 7s to under 9s playing tag rugby and the older children playing a very fast game of touch rugby. The children playing tag rugby complete with socks for tags were soon running around and having fun with Cpl Kelly chasing shadows trying to keep up. Tries were flying in with the children using their passing skills learnt to good use.

In the older group there was a very high paced game going on with some magic rugby being played. Passes were zipping around and some lovely attacking play which wouldn’t look out of place at Twickenham saw some great tries. Cpl McLean was doing his best to keep pace but as a ball carrying forward he was easy picking for the skilful kids. Cpl Thomas normally found on the football field moved very quickly to the younger children’s game where he received the same treatment as Cpl Kelly getting the run around.

Head coach Mr Denish Gem runs this very successful rugby program which has seen his sides become national champions in different age groups. It was an amazing days rugby and we are very thankful to the boys and girls and especially Denish for letting us help out. We hope that you will wear the Kinloss Rugby shirt with pride and we are certain you will have plenty of great performances in it.

Article and Images provided by Major R Crane MBE, RLC