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Governance Discipline

ARU Discipline and Governance Handbook Annex 2016/2017

ARU Discipline and Governance Handbook Annex 2016/2017 – Updated 1 Jul 16

Discipline Panel Sanctions Season 15-16

Discipline Panel Matrix 15-16 Season – Updated 04 Nov 2015

General Information

Updated Policy on the use of Sports Supplements and Performance Enhancing Drugs – Added 12 Nov 2015

ARU Memo from ARU Chairman Of Discipline And Governance – Deterrence Regarding Sanctions On Regulation 19 – Law 10.4 (A) Striking Another Player – Uploaded 4 Feb 2015

Message from the Chairman of Discipline & Governance Army Rugby Union – Under 18 years of Age Rugby Players (pdf 121kb)
Dated 28 Oct ’11

Professional Sportsmen and Women in the Army (AGAI Vol 3 Chapter III) (pdf 768kb)
Posted 1 Sep 10

Sportsmen and Women Playing Professional Rugby Union (pdf 145kb)
Posted 24 Mar 09

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Discipline Committee

Chairman Discipline & Governance – Lieutenant Colonel Paul Stannett
SO1 Supply Chain Compliance,
Supply Chain Engagement,
NH3 Cedar 1a #3139,
MOD Abbey Wood,
BS34 8JH

Tel Civ: 03067 980945
Tel Mil: 9679 80945
Mob: 07595 420159

Email DII(F): DES IMOC SCE-Ops-SC Comp-SO1
Email Civ:

ARU Discipline Panel Secretary – WO2 (AQMS) S Scott
WO ES Ground
First Floor,
Zone 3,
IDL 417 Ramillies Building,
Marlborough Lines,
Monxton Road,
SP11 8HT

Tel Mil: 94391 7453
Tel Civ: 01264 381453

Email Mil:
Email Civ:

ARU Secretary – Mr C Fowke (Chris)

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