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International Caps – Army Players

The Honours List includes all players who gained international caps during their Army Service. Players who were capped before their Army Service and did not play for their Country whilst serving are not included; likewise players who were capped after leaving the Service are omitted. This means that such distinguished players as W C Powell (Welsh Guards and Wales) and CF Grieve (Duke of Wellington’s Regiment and Scotland) are not included.

The records up to 1914 make it difficult to be certain whether some players were serving in the Army when they gained International honours. In such cases the players have been given the benefit of the doubt.

The abbreviation (Capt) signifies players who captained their Country. The Regiment or Corps are those in which players were serving when they played International rugby.

Women’s International Honours

YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1991S ButlerWales (Capt)29
1994A O'FlynnEngland23
1995J Parke-RobinsonWales13
2007J LeonardEngland9Royal Engineers
2014C MillerWalesAdjutant Generals Corps (Royal Military Police)
2015G RowlandWalesRoyal Artillery
B DaintonWalesRoyal Artillery
B DawsonEnglandAdjutant Generals Corps (Royal Military Police)
2019S MimnaghIrelandAdjutant Generals Corps (Royal Military Police)

Men’s International Honours

YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1871CW SherrardEngland2Royal Engineers
CA CromptonEngland1Royal Engineers
1872F B G d'AguilarEngland1Royal Engineers
R P MaitlandScotland1Royal Artillery
F T MaxwellScotland1Royal Engineers
H W Renny TailyourScotland1Royal Engineers
1873C H RickardsEngland1Royal Artillery
1874C W CrosseEngland2Kings Dragoon Guards
F L CunliffeEngland1Royal Artillery
W F H StaffordEngland1Royal Engineers
A K StewartScotland2Army Medical Services
A H YoungScotland1Inniskilling Fusiliers
1875A P CronynIreland3Royal West Kent Regiment
1875J W DunlopScotland1Royal Artillery
1876W C W RawlinsonEngland1Lincolnshire Regiment
1877H H JohnstonScotland2Army Medical Services
H W MurrayIreland3Indian Medical Services
E I PocockScotland2Indian Army
1878E W D CrokerIreland1A& SH
1879W W PikeIreland5Army Medical Services
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1881R D Garnons-WilliamsWales1R Fusiliers
1882W N BoltonEngland11Wiltshire Regt
J B BuchananIreland3Army Medical Services
R G ThompsonIreland1Army Medical Services
F S HeustonIreland3Army Medical Services
1883R S F HendersonEngland5Army Medical Services
1884W Edgeworth-JohnstoneIreland1Royal Irish Regiment
1885T W IrvineScotland10Indian Medical Services
1887C M MooreIreland3Army Medical Services
1888A WalpoleIreland2Royal Engineers
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1893P MaudEngland2Royal Engineers
1894T J CreanIreland9Army Medical Services
1894W G NeilsonScotland1A & SH
1895T H StevensonIreland7Army Medical Services
1896G O TurnbullScotland5Indian Army
1897R H ManglesEngland2Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
P E O'Brien ButlerIreland6Army Service Corps
1898R O'H LivesayEngland2Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment
F F S SmithwickIreland2Army Chaplain's Department
C E WilsonEngland1Queen's Regiment
1899EF CampbellIreland4Army Chaplain's Department
R F A HobbsEngland2Royal Engineers
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1902J C PringleIreland2Royal Engineers
E D SimsonScotland17Indian Medical Services
1903G A D HarveyIreland5Royal Army Medical Corps
B A HillEngland9Ordnance Services
J E C PartridgeSouth Africa1Welch Regiment
R S SmythIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
1904E D CaddellIreland13Royal Army Medical Corps
C G RobbIreland5Royal Army Medical Corps
T T H RobinsonIreland10Royal Army Medical Corps
E J RossScotland1Indian Army
1905W M GryllsEngland1Indian Army
B MaclearIreland11Royal Dublin Fusiliers
H G MonteithScotland8Royal Army Medical Corps
W L Y RogersEngland2Royal Artillery
1906F CasementIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
G E B DobbsEngland2Royal Engineers
W B PurdonW B PurdonIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
J T SimsonScotland7Royal Army Medical Corps
M WhiteIreland6Royal Army Medical Corps
1907A W NewtonEngland1Royal Dublin Fusiliers
W C WilsonEngland2Leicestershire Regiment
1908G C GowilandScotland7Royal Engineers
L RobertsonScotland9QO Cam H
1909C A BoltonEngland1Manchester Regiment
E C DeaneIreland1Royal Army Medical Corps
H C HarrisonEngland4Royal Marines
1910H BerryEngland4Gloucestershire Regiment
C T O'CallaghanIreland710th Royal Hussars
A S TaylorIreland4Royal Army Medical Corps
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1911W E MannEngland3Royal Artillery
A R RossScotland4Royal Military Academy Woolwich
R F SimsonScotland1Royal Artillery
1912W V EdwardsIreland2Royal Irish Fusiliers
R HemphillIreland4Royal Army Medical Corps
A H MacIlwaineEngland5Royal Artillery
J A PymEngland4Royal Artillery
C M UsherScotland (Capt)16Gordon Highlanders
1913T C BowieScotland4Royal Army Medical Corps
J J CluneIreland6Army Veterinary Corps
R E GordonScotland3Royal Artillery
J B MinchIreland5Royal Army Medical Corps
A W P ToddIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
1914J C A DowseIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
J L HugganScotland1Royal Army Medical Corps
R Mac K ScobieScotland3Royal Engineers
First World War 1914-1918 - international games were suspended for the duration
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1920H L V DayEngland4Royal Artillery
C W JonesWales3Welch Regiment
J T SmythIreland1Royal Army Medical Corps
1921P E R Baker JonesWales1Royal Artillery
I J KilgourScotland11 Northumberland Fusiliers
Q E M A KingEngland1Royal Artillery
1922J A MiddletonEngland1Royal Army Service Corps
1923J D Clinch 30Ireland30Middlesex Regiment
1924C K T FaithfulEngland3Duke of Wellington's Regiment
R K MillarScotland1Royal Engineers
W J StewartIreland10Indian Medical Services
A T YoungEngland18Royal Tank Regiment
1925W F BrowneIreland12Duke of Wellington's Regiment
W H StevensonScotland1Indian Army
1926A R AslettEngland6KORR
Sit Thomas DevittEngland4Seaforth Highlanders
T E ReesWales4Welsh Guards
J R B WortonEngland2Middlesex Regiment
1927H McVickerIreland5Royal Army Medical Corps
1928G V PalmerEngland3Queen's Royal Regiment
D Turquand YoungEngland5Royal Tank Regiment
1929A L NovisEngland (Capt)7Leicestershire Regiment
H RewEngland10Royal Tank Regiment
K M WrightScotland4Royal Artillery
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1930E W F de Vere HuntIreland5Royal Artillery
D A KendrewEngland (Capt)10Leicestershire Regiment
1931G J DeanEngland1Royal Tank Regiment
V J PikeIreland13Royal Army Chaplain's Department
H H C WithersIreland5Royal Engineers
1932R G S HobbsEngland4Royal Artillery
A Vaughan-JonesEngland3Royal Artillery
1933E H SadlerEngland2Royal Signals
CL TroopEngland2Duke of Wellington's Regiment
1934B T V CoweyWales4Welch Regiment
J A CrawfordScotland1Royal Engineers
1935R LeylandEngland3Army Education Corps
H J SayersIreland10Royal Artillery
1936C O'N WallisIreland1East Surrey Regiment
B E W McCallWales3Welch Regiment
1937W M InglisScotland6Royal Engineers
C L MelvilleScotland3Black Watch
F J ReynoldsEngland3Duke of Wellington's Regiment
E J UnwinEngland4Middlesex Regiment
1939F J V FordWales1Welch Regiment
Second World War 1939-1945 - international games were suspended for the duration
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1947F H CouttsScotland3King's Own Scottish Borders
G R DaviesWales11Royal Signals
T G H JacksonScotland12Royal Signals
J MatthewsWales (Capt)17Royal Army Medical Corps
DD ValentineScotland2King's Own Scottish Borders
A G M WattScotland6Royal Army Medical Corps
D F WhiteEngland14Northamptonshire Regiment
N M HallEngland (Capt)17Royal Signals
1948A CameronScotland (Capt)17Royal Artillery
1949D W C SmithScotland8Royal Army Medical Corps
W C MajorWales2Welch Regiment
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1950J L BaumeEngland1Royal Northumberland Fusiliers
J P HydeEngland2Northamptonshire Regiment
G C PhippsIreland5Royal Hampshire Regiment
D M ScottScotland10KRRC
1951E M P HardyEngland3Duke of Wellington's Regiment
B A NealeEngland3Royal Artillery
D W ShuttleworthEngland2Duke of Wellington's Regiment
H M ThomsonScotland7Royal Signals
1952D S Gilbert-SmithScotland1Duke of Wellington's Regiment
R C BazeleyEngland10Royal Engineers
J G M W MurphyIreland6Royal Army Chaplain's Department
R RoeIreland21Royal Army Chaplain's Department
1953R J RobinsWales13Royal Signals
J S SwanScotland17Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
1954R HigginsEngland13Royal Signals
H F McLeodScotland40Royal Scots Greys
E J S MichieScotland15Royal Engineers
1955AB EdwardsWales2Royal Army Education Corps
J H HancockEngland2Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
1956N M CampbellScotland2Royal Army Medical Corps
1957K J F ScotlandScotland (Capt)27Royal Signals
1958N S BruceScotland31Royal Army Ordnance Corps
H J MorganWales27Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
1959H O GodwinEngland11Royal Leicestershire Regiment
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1960G W PayneWales3Royal Engineers
G SharpScotland4Royal Signals
R B ShillinglawScotland5King's Own Scottish Borders
1961M J Campbell-LamertonScotland (Capt)23Duke of Wellington's Regiment
1963J P FisherScotland (Capt)25Royal Army Chaplain's Department
1964T A MoroneyIreland3Royal Army Medical Corps
1965C P SimpsonEngland1Royal Anglian Regiment
1966J D MacDonaldScotland8Royal Corps of Transport
M G MolloyIreland27Royal Army Medical Corps
1969I S G SmithScotland8Royal Army Dental Corps
YearArmy PlayerCountryNo of CapsRegt/Corps
1985B W McCallIreland1Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers
1992R I WainwrightScotland (Capt)27Royal Army Medical Corps
T A K RodberEngland44Green Howards
1997M J StewartScotland33Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment
2007J PrasadFiji91 Royal Regiment of Scotland
2009A SatalaFiji61 Royal Regiment of Scotland
2013M KoroiyadiFiji1Royal Engineers
S SpeightFiji1Royal Artillery
2014S RokoduguniEngland4Royal Scots Dragoon Guards
2018W ReeveKenya3Royal Gurkha Rifles
2023M McDonaldGermanyRoyal Engineers
C McDonaldGermanyRoyal Engineers

7s International Honours

YearArmy PlayerCountryRegt/Corps
1993T K RodberEnglandGreen Howards
1998A VakacokovanuaFijiScots Guards
A SatalaFijiScots
2001B GreenWest IndiesRoyal Engineers
2002A DawlingEnglandRoyal Artillery
2003H GrahamEnglandRoyal Artillery
2003B BulumakauFiji
S RokoFiji
2004E NaisaramakiFiji
2006M LeeScotland (Capt)Army Legal Services
I DamudamuEnglandRoyal Logistic Corps
2007K RawalaiFiji
2010J PrasadFijiScots
S RatubuliRussia
2012J LeonardEnglandRoyal Engineers
2014J NayacavouScotlandScots
2015G RowlandWalesRoyal Artillery
B DaintonWalesRoyal Artillery
2016J BulumakauScotlandScots
2019W ReeveKenyaRoyal Gurkha Rifles
2021J MullenWalesAdjutant Generals Corps (Staff and Personnel Support)
2022P RatukadreuFijiYORKS
M McDonaldGermanyRoyal Engineers
C McDonaldGermanyRoyal Engineers
2023S RadianirovaFijiRoyal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers