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Inter-Services Championship – 1920 onwards


The first Army Navy Match was played in 1878, but it was not until 1907 that a match between the two then existing armed services became an annual event. The 1907 match was played at the Queen’s Club and was won by the Royal Navy (15-14). The First World War (1914-18) brought an end to the fixture, but the Inter-Service Championship resumed after the war and included the newly formed Royal Air Force (RAF), formed in 1918. The Army Navy match was played at Twickenham, the home of the English Rugby Union, in 1920.

However, the clash between the senior teams of the British Army and the Royal Navy remains the highlight of the Championship. The Championship ceased for the duration of the Second World War (1935-45), but recommenced in 1946.

In the 1970s the Championship was opened to sponsorship to defray the costs of the Championship. In recognition of this change a trophy was created for presentation to the Championship winners.

In 2003 the championship was extended to include competitions between women and veteran (over 35 years) teams from the three armed services.

The Army v RAF fixture for 2010 was cancelled. The Army XV were stuck in South Africa, where they were attending their training camp, because volcanic ash from Iceland prevented aircraft from flying over Europe.

In 2020 the Inter Service Championship matches were not played due to the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Inter-Services Champions Table – 1920 onwards

YearCrowd Attendance
2020Match not played due to Covid-19 pandemic
2021Match not played due to Covid-19 pandemic
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1920Royal NavyRoyal Navy 23-11Army 21-9Royal Navy 12-3
1921Royal NavyRoyal Navy 11-10Royal Air Force 26-3Royal Navy 33-3
1922Royal NavyRoyal Navy 7-3Army 23-8Royal Navy 9-6
1923Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 16-11Royal Air Force 13-5Royal Air Force 3-0
1924Triple TieArmy 19-5Royal Air Force 8-3Royal Navy 16-9
1925Army & Royal Air ForceArmy 11-8Drawn 6-6Royal Air Force 3-0
1926ArmyArmy 24-10Army 11-0Royal Navy 8-3
1927Royal NavyRoyal Navy 6-3Army 22-0Royal Navy 8-3
1928ArmyArmy 11-5Army 18-6Royal Navy 5-0
1929ArmyArmy 17-11Army 27-0Royal Navy 8-3
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1930ArmyArmy 16-10Army 14-8Royal Navy 8-3
1931Royal NavyRoyal Navy 6-0Royal Air Force 16-5Royal Navy 16-0
1932ArmyArmy 11-0Army 21-4Royal Navy 22-5
1933ArmyArmy 19-0Army 12-3Royal Navy 14-3
1934ArmyArmy 16-8Army 14-3Royal Navy 36-0
1935Triple TieArmy 11-8Royal Air Force 6-3Royal Navy 13-8
1936ArmyArmy 12-3Army 16-3Royal Air Force 3-0
1937ArmyArmy 14-3Army 29-9Drawn 3-3
1938Royal NavyRoyal Navy 10-9Army 15-7Royal Navy 10-6
1939Royal NavyDrawn 6-6Royal Air Force 18-3Royal Navy 8-3
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1940-1945 No games played due to Second World War
1946ArmyArmy 11-6Army 11-6Royal Air Force 9-6
1947Royal Air ForceArmy 19-11Royal Air Force 8-0Drawn 5-5
1948Triple TieRoyal Navy 9-8Army 15-8Royal Air Force 16-11
1949Army & Royal Air ForceArmy 23-3Drawn 3-3Royal Air Force 11-0
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1950ArmyArmy 16-6Army 11-3Drawn 6-6
1951Royal NavyRoyal Navy 11-0Army 14-0Royal Navy 6-5
1952ArmyArmy 11-3Army 9-6Royal Navy 6-0
1953ArmyArmy 3-0Army 11-3Drawn 3-3
1954Triple TieRoyal Navy 8-6Army 16-3Royal Air Force 12-6
1955Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 8-3Drawn 6-6Royal Air Force 6-3
1956Triple TieArmy 6-3Royal Air Force 26-9Royal Navy 11-9
1957ArmyArmy 6-3Army 14-9Royal Navy 8-6
1958Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 14-0Drawn 3-3Royal Air Force 14-3
1959Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 6-0Royal Air Force 11-3Royal Air Force 12-9
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1960ArmyArmy 12-3Army 6-3Royal Navy 8-0
1961Royal NavyRoyal Navy 6-3Royal Air Force 19-11Royal Navy 9-3
1962Royal Air ForceArmy 9-6Royal Air Force 19-14Royal Air Force 12-6
1963ArmyArmy 11-3Army 8-6Royal Air Force 3-0
1964ArmyArmy 8-0Army 19-6Royal Navy 5-3
1965ArmyArmy 5-3Drawn 11-11Royal Navy 15-6
1966Royal NavyRoyal Navy 10-9Royal Air Force 12-3Royal Navy 11-3
1967ArmyArmy 6-3Army 17-6Royal Navy 5-3
1968ArmyArmy 9-6Drawn 3-3Royal Navy 17-15
1969ArmyDrawn 3-3Army 26-21Royal Air Force 9-5
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1970Royal NavyRoyal Navy 15-9Royal Air Force 15-12Royal Navy13-6
1971Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 11-9Drawn 6-6Royal Air Force 17-6
1972ArmyArmy 13-3Army 14-6Royal Navy 18-4
1973Royal NavyRoyal Navy 10-7Army 19-9Royal Navy 15-0
1974Royal NavyRoyal Navy 25-3Royal Air Force 9-4Royal Navy 23-13
1975Triple TieRoyal Navy 19-0Army 41-13Royal Air Force 20-7
1976ArmyArmy 15-6Army 6-3Royal Navy 21-13
1977Royal NavyRoyal Navy 16-0Army 19-13Royal Navy 15-9
1978Triple TieRoyal Navy 17-16Army 16-6Royal Air Force 15-8
1979Royal Air ForceArmy 10-3Royal Air Force 10-3Royal Air Force 23-6
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1980ArmyDrawn 0-0Army 26-7Royal Air Force 16-7
1981Royal NavyRoyal Navy 7-3Army 6-4Royal Navy 15-12
1982Royal Air ForceArmy 11-7Royal Air Force 10-6Royal Air Force 16-14
1983ArmyArmy 10-9Army 16-7Royal Air Force 8-4
1984Triple TieArmy 13-6Royal Air Force 15-9Royal Navy 10-9
1985Royal Air ForceArmy 11-6Royal Air Force 15-12Royal Air Force 29-23
1986Royal Air ForceRoyal Navy 13-3Royal Air Force 16-13Royal Air Force
1987Royal NavyRoyal Navy 21-10Drawn 12-12Navy 13-6
1988ArmyArmy 35-3Army 26-3
1989ArmyArmy 21-9Army 42-10
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
1990ArmyArmy 16-7Army 32-14
1991Royal Air ForceArmy 10-0Royal Air Force-30-12Royal Air Force
1992Triple TieArmy 16-9Royal Air Force 18-6Royal Navy
1993Royal Air ForceArmy 37-15Royal Air Force 20-17Royal Air Force 23-7
1994Royal Air ForceArmy 18-6Royal Air Force 28-22Royal Air Force
1995Royal NavyRoyal Navy 34-17Army 28-26Royal Navy
1996Triple TieRoyal Navy 9-6Army 31-23Royal Air Force
1997ArmyArmy 18-16Drawn 35-35
1998ArmyArmy 36-22Army 23-7
1999ArmyArmy 24-13Army 43-8
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
2000ArmyArmy 32-14Army 13-11
2001Royal NavyRoyal Navy 31-20Army 13-8Royal Navy
2002ArmyArmy 18-13Army 74-3
2003ArmyArmy 53-16Army 52-13
2004ArmyArmy 32-16Army 46-6
2005ArmyArmy 41-15Army 55-12Royal Air Force 24-16
2006ArmyArmy 9-3Army 82-10Royal Navy 34-6
2007ArmyArmy 39-25Army 54-10Royal Navy 57-3
2008ArmyArmy 22-11Army 42-6Royal Navy 67-12
2009ArmyArmy 50-7Army 67-11Royal Navy 34-20
YearChampionsArmy v RNArmy v RAFRN v RAF
2010Royal NavyRoyal Navy 24-22No match playedRoyal Navy 73-3
2011ArmyArmy 44 - 10Army 50 - 3Royal Navy 52 - 3
2012ArmyArmy 48 - 9Army 59 - 0Royal Navy 13 - 6
2013ArmyArmy 43 - 26Army 33 - 18Royal Navy 55 - 26
2014ArmyArmy 30 - 17Army 35 - 26Royal Navy 10 - 0
2015Royal Air ForceArmy 36 - 18Royal Air Force 33 - 29Draw 32 - 32
2016Royal NavyDraw 29 - 29Royal Air Force 13 - 12Royal Navy 9 - 8
2017ArmyArmy 29 - 20Army 35 - 14Royal Air Force 16 - 14
2018Royal Air ForceArmy 22 - 14Royal Air Force 19 - 20Royal Air Force 31 - 21
2019ArmyArmy 27 - 11Army 49 - 3Royal Navy 25 - 10
2020-Match not played due to Covid-19 pandemicMatch not played due to Covid-19 pandemicMatch not played due to Covid-19 pandemic
2021-Match not played due to Covid-19 pandemicMatch not played due to Covid-19 pandemicMatch not played due to Covid-19 pandemic
2022ArmyArmy 35-27Army 35-20Royal Navy 18-10
2023Royal NavyRoyal Navy 39-22Army 48-17Draw 13-13